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Benefits of mirrorless camera you should know about

Although mirrorless cameras were introduced to the market many years back, they only gained popularity in the last few years. This is because the traditional mirrorless cameras did not feature the high-end mirrorless systems that modern mirrorless cameras have. Gradually, people took note of the benefits of these cameras and started using them. Mentioned below are a few benefits that surged the demand for mirrorless cameras:
White Balance
Most photographers, whether beginners or professionals, use the JPEG mode to shoot photographs. With a mirrorless camera, you can change and adjust the camera’s white balance setting while being able to see the difference in tone through the viewfinder in real-time if you shoot in JPEG mode. This proves to be exceptionally helpful while clicking pictures.

Accurate Manual Focusing
If you are shooting in low light conditions using manual focus, you should always prefer using the best mirrorless cameras for videos and photographs instead of a DSLR. This is because modern mirrorless cameras are powered by cutting-edge technology that helps in delivering exceptional results. Features such as Focus Peaking and Temporary Zoom help to understand where you have focused exactly. These features highlight the different areas so that it is easy to understand which areas are in focus and which are not.

A Depth of Field Preview
It can be a little difficult for DSLR users to anticipate the depth of field in the final shot. Although the DSLR cameras come with a depth of field preview button, they are not very accurate and precise in most cases. Hence, it becomes quite difficult to determine the end result before clicking the picture. However, you will not face this issue with mirrorless cameras as they use the image sensor to project the image on the viewfinder. The preview provided in these cameras is pretty accurate.

Better Face Recognition
Face recognition is a common feature available in many DSLRs. However, these traditional DSLRs cannot match the features of a modern mirrorless camera. Modern mirrorless cameras can be set to recognise one face from a crowd. This feature proves to be very useful in events like birthdays, engagements, and weddings. Even if there is a crowd surrounding your subject, it will always stay in focus and highlighted.

Zebras do not mean the animal but the black and white lines that are used to highlight the overexposed areas in the scene. Mirrorless cameras are equipped with this feature so that you can see the overexposed areas in the viewfinder while shooting stills or a video. You can customise the zebra lines according to your preferences.

Whether you are a professional photographer or a beginner, mirrorless cameras are certainly a better choice. There are separate cameras for professional photographers and beginners and hence, you should do your own research before buying a mirrorless camera. Do not buy the best mirrorless camera for professionals if you are a beginner. You might face difficulty in handling it. Also, always buy mirrorless cameras from renowned brands like Canon only.