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College Rugby: Its Not Just About The Beer, But There Is Beer
When I stumbled into the involvement fair as a wee little freshmen I was there to sign up me and my new best friend (who I knew for a total of 3 days thus far) for Ski Club. I must have gotten a bit turned around because, by the time I got back to the dorm and walked into Ayanas room I told her I signed us both up for Rugby instead. "What?" I asked as she stared at me in shock. "They said we didn't need to know how to play and they wouldn't yell at us. "Also practice is monday-friday and starts tomorrow byeeeeeeeeeeee", and with that, we were on the team. And I think it is safe to say that Rugby should pretty much be a requirement for any girl who likes to have fun. You will meet the best friends ever playing Rugby. No one quite understands the struggles of a rugby girl, except another rugby girl. I have laughed, cried, thrown up and thought about dying, all in just one rugby game. And the girls were right there with me. We're a crowd who thinks bruises make us a lot sexier then push up bras and we have each others backs no matter what. Also blood does not faze us. Who gives a shit about body shaming Rugby girls get the a terrible rap. People always think of them as fat, ugly, or brick walls. Which is why its awesome to roll up wit a party looking super fit, super hot and ready to drink all the haters under the table. Female rugby players gotta stick together. And we do. So the body shaming ends the second you get into your rugby lifestyle (and it is a lifestyle). Get ready to be showed with support about how strong and amazing you are. You develop a dedication Its hard to stick with something, especially when it eats up every waking moment of your life. You fit practice around work and class, then your games are all day Saturday which makes Friday team bonding and carb loading. You may wonder why you are bothering when yore awake at 5:30 AM for an away game but the second you see your teammates, you'll get hype as fuck to mess people up. You learn ways to kick the shit outta anyone Rugby girls are a rowdy bunch. Not only do we have to deal with getting kick in the face almost every day at practice, we also have to deal with the male rugby team. No matter what happens, you will be able to stand up for yourself. Bar fights, street harassment or just plan assholes, gone are the days where you will be the meek girls standing in the corner. Rugby teaches you that you do need to have balls to have balls. I learned how to fucking Party You may think you know how to drink buttttt you don't. Your first drink up (aka getting drunk after a game) you leaned how to shoot the boot (both a glass and a shoe), win boat races and funnel full bottles of wine. I would say more have to join to find out.
Motorcycle intercoms: legal or illegal?
This is what you should know Much has been said about the legality of Bluetooth intercoms on motorcycles. The issue of their use has been debated for years, generating a lot of confusion between opinions and consequences. The problem is that until now the law was ambiguous, i.e., a law enforcement officer could interpret that wearing an intercom on the helmet compromised road safety, leading to a fine of up to 200 € and the withdrawal of three points from the driver's license. But thanks to a ruling in Madrid on the use of the intercom on the motorcycle opens a new path to its use. With the rectification of the Traffic Law, this long fight that bikers and associations have been fighting for more than seven years comes to an end. A fight that had only one goal, to put an end to fines for the use of intercoms on motorcycle helmets. So, are intercoms legal? Yes, motorcycle bluetooth intercoms are legal, useful and benefit our safety. These electronic devices allow us to listen to music, radio, make and receive calls and communicate with our passenger or other motorcyclists. They have become, in recent years, an essential element for motorcyclists. Until recently, this is what the Highway Code stipulated regarding communication devices, detailed in its article 11.3: "It is forbidden to drive using helmets or headphones connected to sound receiving or reproducing devices, except during the performance of open-circuit aptitude tests for obtaining a driving license under the conditions to be determined by regulation. The use of mobile telephone devices and any other means or system of communication while driving is forbidden, except when the communication is carried out without using hands or helmets, headphones or similar instruments. Exempted from this prohibition are the agents of the authority in the exercise of the functions entrusted to them. Other exceptions to the prohibitions provided for in the preceding paragraphs may be established by regulation." In favor of the penultimate paragraph, the penalties for carrying this device should not be carried out as it is NOT any kind of headset that covers our ears, but a loudspeaker that allows us to hear the ambient sound at all times. A fact that was taken into account by the DGT. Do intercoms have to be approved? In December 2021 an update of the Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety was announced in which the use of the motorcycle intercom is allowed if it is properly approved with the current European regulations. The new Traffic Law states that: "the use of certified or homologated wireless devices will be authorized for use in the protective helmet of motorcycle and moped drivers, for communication or navigation purposes, as long as it does not affect driving safety". In other words, the motorcycle intercom can only be used for these purposes, avoiding others such as listening to music and/or the radio. Another important fact is that the motorcycle intercom must be approved with this standard and with that of the helmet where it is installed. At MimaTuMoto you will only find approved helmets and intercoms to guarantee your safety. So you can be fined for wearing an intercom? The new Traffic Law of March 2022 says the following to the relation of motorcycle intercom use: "now, if you have a motorcycle or moped, you can use certified or approved wireless devices on your protective helmet for communication or navigation purposes." Thus, the motorcycle intercom can be used as long as it is not manipulated while riding. That said, keep in mind that based on the free interpretation of the law, you can be fined even without manipulation by an agent who interprets that your speakers are "similar instruments" to a headset or helmet. But it is also true that, thanks to this ruling, another way is opened for those who have already been fined to appeal their sentences with guarantees. Advice on how to choose an intercom The quality You should pay attention to the autonomy (battery life), resistance (to dirt and humidity) and that it has quality components that ensure its durability. Functionality There are more and more models and brands that allow operation by voice recognition commands. They become hands-free devices, like the one you can use in your car. Approved helmets If you are looking for a type of helmet for this purpose, it must ensure that it complies thoroughly with the legislation in force. In this way, there will no longer be any possibility of being fined or penalized. At MimaTuMoto we have helmets that are compatible with the Caberg intercom. Conclusion Therefore, communicating while driving is possible and if you choose the right device it is currently legal because the law does not explicitly prohibit them. You just have to make sure that you have all the approved elements to avoid any kind of sanction or fine.
5 batsmen with most sixes in IPL 2017
IPL 2017 most sixes- With the advent of T-Twenty cricket, the batsmen have become very aggressive and try to score as many runs as possible. This is the reason why batsmen in T-Twenty cricket believe in hitting more sixes than fours. Today in this article we will know about the top 5 batsmen who hit the most number of sixes in the 2017 season. 5) Robin Uthappa, who is called the backbone of the middle order of the Kolkata Knight Riders team, scored 388 runs in 13 innings in IPL 2017. During this, he also hit 36 fours and 21 sixes. 4) Kieron Pollard Mumbai Indians' star all-rounder Kieron Pollard has always been known for hitting long sixes. In IPL 2017 also, many stormy sixes came out of Pollard's bat. Pollard scored 385 runs in 16 innings in IPL 10. During this, Pollard also hit 26 fours and 22 skyscraper sixes. 3) Rishabh Pant The young stormy batsman of Delhi Daredevils, Rishabh Pant is famous for his quick innings. Rishabh Pant scored 366 runs in 14 innings during IPL 2017. During this, Pant hit 28 fours and 24 sixes. 2) David Warner Australia's opener and IPL Sunrisers Hyderabad team captain David Warner was the highest run-scorer in IPL 2017. In IPL 10, Warner had scored 641 runs in 14 innings, during which he also hit 26 sixes. 1) Glenn Maxwell In IPL 2017, the stormy batsman of Australia, Glenn Maxwell became the Sixer Kings. Maxwell scored 310 runs in 13 innings, during which he also hit 19 fours and 26 sixes. Maxwell will be seen playing for the Delhi Daredevils team in the 11th season of IPL. You can definitely see the record of hitting the most sixes in this IPL to be broken. David Warner is no longer in IPL. Read also: Royal Challengers Bangalore