According to NFL official website reporters, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Nick Foles (Nick Foles) has missed all the team's training since the team selected Jared Goff with the No. 1 pick. It's worth it. Note that Cheap Jerseys Wholesale is that Fowles insisted on participating in the team's affairs before the Rams drafted Gove. In addition, since the Rams will not have mandatory mini training camps like other teams, Fowles may continue to play and disappear in the next more than a month, but if he still does not show up in the summer training camp in July If you do, you will be fined.

After training on Wednesday, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher talked about the absence of Falls in an interview. He Cheap Jerseys from china free shipping said: 'I have talked to Falls before and Reached an agreement, we are working hard to deal with this Cheap Jerseys Wholesale matter, to help Fowles clear the situation. He does not participate in wholesale nfl jerseys online plus training does not mean that he does not want to train, it does not mean that he is not enterprising, on the contrary he He is a very competitive person. We are very grateful for the leadership he brought to the team. Teammates miss him very much.'

Fisher also speculated that Foles did not participate in training because he thought he had little chance of staying with the team in the new season. Fisher continued: wholesale nfl jerseys online'I feel that Fowles may think it is unlikely that he will stay in the team now. He said that he hopes it would be better not to show up until everything becomes clear. Then I #links #Just tell him that I have no opinion.'