Best DDR4 Memory for i7-9700K Builds

Coming soon will be the introduction of the ninth generation of Intel Core i7 CPUs, making it an excellent opportunity to update your existing PC or construct a new one. Those wanting to construct a new system will be well advised to choose a motherboard that incorporates the new Z390 chipset, which provides access to additional USB 3.1 Gen2 ports as well as built-in WIFI.

In contrast to this, the new 9700k, like its ninth-generation brothers, is backward compatible with the previous generation of chipsets, making an update to the CPU rather than a whole new build an attractive choice for certain users. As part of this tutorial, I'll go through best RAM for i7 9700K kits that will work well with the new Intel Core i7-9700k processor.

Because of the recent decrease in the price of RAM, it is an excellent time to consider upgrading your computer's CPU as well. In spite of the fact that Intel CPUs are not as picky about RAM speeds as AMD processors, RAM is still an essential component, and whether you're updating or constructing a new system, choosing the right RAM may make or break the experience. I'll offer choices that will cover a variety of possible factors you could consider when selecting your RAM.

Finally, keep in mind that DDR4 RAM will always be preferable to DDR3 RAM in most cases. Moreover, DDR3 is incompatible with any motherboard that will support the new i7 processors, and it is much slower than DDR4 in terms of performance. You can also visit Tech Dzone for a detailed review.

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB

It's no secret that Corsair is a household brand in the computer component business and for good reason. They manufacture high-quality cases, fans, CPU coolers, peripherals, and just about everything else you can think of in the computer industry.

This also applies to RAM. In order to support overclocking, the Vengeance LPX series of RAM was developed. It makes use of an aluminum heat spreader, which is noteworthy for its low profile, which allows it to fit beneath CPU heatsinks, something that conventional RAM cannot do.

This is a fantastic basic RAM kit with 16GB of 3000MHz RAM and plenty of overhead for overclocking, all at a very reasonable $140. Whatever the job, this amount of RAM should be adequate; but, if you want to perform any video or picture processing or rendering, you will need at least 32GBs of RAM. With a CAS latency of 15, this is one of the lowest latency RAMs available on the market right now.


G.Skill is a Taiwanese company that was established in 1989. Since then, it has been producing high-quality RAM. These days, they also make peripherals, power supplies, solid-state drives, and RAM coolers. G.Skill's TridentZ brand of RAM has long been a popular choice, and in response to the current trend for RGB lighting, the company developed a variant that looks like a Christmas tree.

The TridentZ RGB RAM Kit has a very appealing design, and since it can be illuminated in whatever color you want, it can be used to complement any theme you desire.

However, because of the complexities of CAS latency, this really works out to be the same latency as that of the Corsair LPX kit.

Because this kit has a higher clock speed of 3200 MHz, even if the difference will be minor when gaming, it may make a significant impact when video/photo editing and rendering are involved. Get two kits of 64GB each and you'll be all prepared for the holidays. At $170, this is high-end RAM for people who want both performance and beauty in their computer.


Having precise knowledge about your processor specifications as well as the complexity of the project you want to execute enables you to make informed decisions. If you're surfing the web or playing games that need a modest amount of storage space, the Patriot Signature Line 16GB DDR4 may be the ideal option.

Customers may have a variety of requirements at the same time, such as playing games, listening to music, and streaming. If you find yourself in this scenario, the G.SKILL TridentZ RGB DDR4 3200 MHz memory may be a fantastic option.

With the i7 9700k Processor, all of the best RAM for i7 9700k that we've listed above works flawlessly. All of these choices, on the other hand, are distinct from one another. Some have a high price but big benefits, while others have a lower price but fewer advantages, and so on.