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HI EVERYONE!!! woot Time Slip Ep 19 preview just out - this is for tomorrow's episode! Dont forget to check out my page for more kdrama goodies!!! ( ========================================= Time Slip Dr Jin Ep 19 [Why... Why didnt you keep you promise?] Prince Gung (Hunsun Daewongun) starts a movement to hunt down the Catholics - Young Rae and Priest Ridel are in danger as a result. Jin Hyuk tries to help them by finding a route out of the city for them to escape. Meanwhile, Kyung Tak is instructed by Prince Gung to find Priest Ridel's messages and notes (i think these were from the past) 왜.. 약속을 지키지 않으신 것입니까? 흥선대원군의 천주교 박해가 본격적으로 시작되고, 이에 위험에 처한 영래와 리델신부. 진혁은 두 사람을 도성 밖으로 빼낼 방도를 마련하고자 노력한다. 한편, 경탁은 리델이 갖고 있는 흥선대원군의 서찰을 빼앗는데... Link to the video here:
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thanks luka, i wonder whether Jin can go back to the future or just dissappear
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