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I remember when the Content Aware feature was added to Photoshop CS5. People called it 'magic" or "impossible", I might have even heard someone say it was "cheating." Well, now that people have gotten used to the idea of Photoshop magically doing things we once had to do by hand within the program, people started to see it's full potential. In this video tutorial, the Content Aware feature will be discussed. The Content Aware feature essentially creates pixels in a selected area based on what pixel assortment is around that area currently. It is similar to the Clone Stamp feature, however, I think the finished product tends to look better. Please feel free to comment and ask questions if you are confused.
@dillonk Its definitely an amazing creation
@amog32 The algorithm for content aware is incredible. I loved how many tools they are able to implement it in
Its amazing that I genuinely thought that each of these things was their own painstaking process.
I must agree, it is an immensely helpful tool for some tasks.
Content aware has saved me hours and hours of time. Seriously the best tool Adobe has come out with in awhile