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How to Apply Lipstick Like a Pro - Master Tutorial
This tutorial will guide you through the basics of lipstick, and then kick it up a notch to try new techniques. Nikki is a professional editorial make up artist and explains thing in a clear and easy way. Enjoy! She'll lead you through four tutorials: 1. Crisp Classic Lip 2. High-Gloss Lip 3. Add Color and Dimension 4. Ombre Look
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Oh! clipping and saving for later, I still dont know how to do basic lipstick. there are so many tutorials out there but I still havent gotten the hang of it :^
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I'm curious about that ombre look. I dont think I could pull it off though :/
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I had no idea what the ombre look was and I really dont think its for me hahaha cool idea though, but it should stick to fashion magazines
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