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Daniel W. Coburn: The Hereditary Estate

Daniel W. Coburn is a young photographer speaking to some powerful ideas. His work documents his life with a Evangelistic family while growing up. He employes a visual infrastructure for the flawed ideology of the American Dream. Troubled by the lack of imagery surrounding the true and often times troubling nature of his own personal family history, Daniel sets out to create a new archive of images that would supplement the broken and incomplete family albums that exists in the collection of many families like his. His photographs depict a beautiful yet terrifying narrative of family, a powerful physiological dialog that allows an emotional and visceral response from the viewer. Here is what Daniel says about his series Waiting for Rapture: "Quiet suffering occurs within a family unit living under the auspices of the ideal American Dream. A psychologically violent relationship with loved ones, and an immersive cult-like experience with an evangelical Christian church contributed to my loss of spiritual and domestic faith. These issues take center-stage in a story that emerges from the walls of a single-family sanctuary and unfolds onto a Midwest landscape. In my story, these characters exist at the intersection of domestic duress and spirituality. I photograph my family in parables of love, reverie, respect and quiet tragedy. These images are a tangible manifestation of fantasy, memories and experiences acquired during my journey to adulthood, and function as a supplement to the family album assembled by my parents."
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I really like the way this whole project came together; some of the images don't really function for me individually but I can feel the spirituality of them in context with some of the others much more
@hunahuna @onesmile It's quite the dark family photo album.
definitely, especially the 7th one for me @hunahuna
These photographs are beautiful and haunting all at the same time. @onesmile I agree that some of the images are only strong within the group itself and they would probably not hold up on their own. However, the few images that do stand on their own are just stunning.
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