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Peter van Agtmael is a documentary photographer of sorts, who created a book of his photographs called "Disco Night Sept 11." Peter collected his photographs he took during the war in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2006 to 2013. The photographs combine real military conflict and images of Americans during the same period, depicting the very real, yet painful divide. His photographs beautifully weave large and small, personal conflicts that arouse during the war that create a bone chilling dialog of those affect by war in different ways. Here is what Peter writes about his book: "Disco Night Sept 11 is a book about more than the brutality of conflict. It is an intimate and personal meditation on modern warfare from the perspective of a young American photographer who came of age in the confusion of a post 9/11 world, and who saw many others of his generation sign up to fight towards abstract ends and unpredictable fates."
I think this is just one of many struggles people are affected by everyday, this just happens to be on a larger and more devastating scale. I think it's important for people not directly affected by fighting to see these types of images. @caricakes
The fact that we are so separated from the war, literally thousands of miles and multiple time zones apart, makes it easy to forget it is happening. We can have discos and kids can play dress up without even thinking about what other Americans are facing at the exact same time.