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I find navy suits to be so much better looking than a normal black suit. Thanks for the pictures.
I agree with @ryantadman Something about navy suits makes them look more put together. I like all the tie/shirt combos you attached @DYrooftop. Sometimes I dont know what colors go with what hahah
@pipeline @ryantadman I'm glad you like my pictures. Thanks a lot!
Hmm, I'm not sure about the second suit combination. I'm worried about how formal that blue blazer looks against a denim shirt. Personally I might have changed that outfit a bit! @DYRoofTop
@ralphiekingston I normally wear different color trousers with that style. (e.g. golden brown and navy houndtooth pattern) I wish I had a picture of them. And I sometimes just enjoy a little crash(?) or a twist type of thing :) Thank you for your comment!