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Photographer John William Keedy has had to deal with an anxiety disorder for some nine years now. His photo series It’s Hardly Noticeable is an exploration of these neurotic, obsessive and strange behaviors that manifest as part of anxiety-based mental disorders.
@dillonk I am glad you were able to connect with this
As someone with OCD, this hits close to home. Thank you for sharing this project! @ryantadman
Hmm, interesting photographs. I can't tell which disorders the photographs are supposed to be depicting, but maybe that's just my own ignorance of anxiety disorders. The obsessive compulsive photographs seem pretty easy to nail though. Nice find! @ryantadman
I checked out the link and was amazed that he was so plagued with anxiety that he couldnt leave his home. I'm glad he has gotten a hold of his fears!
I've probably experienced every example of anxiety he presents, though never to this degree. Cool project!