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Garden Sheds

Garden Sheds are a popular addition to any garden. We provide garden sheds in every size, shape, and design at an accessible price. We have a variety of garden shed options to meet your storage needs and budget. We have a wide range of garden sheds to suit your storage requirements and budget. We are always prepared to help with more advice and information.
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3 Tips To Choose The Best Garden Tools
Although, gardening is one of the best hobbies you could possess, it is a difficult one. It consists of a lot of manual labor as well as acquiring knowledge from various sources. You will also need to buy the resources like garden tools, seeds and often other equipment. However, the gardening results will be highly dependent upon the tools and equipment you use. So when you buy the tools, you have to be very careful about what you are buying. You might find it very difficult to buy the best gardening tools. So here are three tips that will help you choose the best ones: 1. Pay focus to the weight of the tools The tools that you are buying for your gardening purposes need to be helpful as well as handy. It means that not only should they be efficient at providing the right help but it should be easy to use. What makes your garden equipment it difficult to use is if it is quite heavy for you. The tool that you are buying must not be extremely heavy or problematic in gripping in the right way. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the return and exchange policy of the store from where you are buying the garden tools. 2. Check the length of the handles The length of the handle is very important as it provides extra grip and comfort to the person using the tool. However, the handle has also other important functions like you will be able to put more pressure if the handle is longer. If the handle is thicker in size you will need to use two hands. This means that the tool is made for extensive work either for a huge garden or for a farm. Therefore, it is important that you know what is the right length of the tool should be. 3. Know the purpose of buying the tool When you are buying a gardening tool and equipment, it must also satisfy the purpose of buying it. It is very important that you know the purpose and research on it. So for example if you are thinking about growing potatoes, you will need a separate set of long handled garden tools. These tools are specifically designed for growing potatoes, plucking them out and sowing the seeds once again. Also, when you buy your gardening equipment and tools, it is important that you check the reputation of the store. The store must be selling only the best high quality gardening tools. Source:-
Garden Equipment in Ireland | Coughlan Garden Equipment
Garden machinery in Ireland Garden Equipment keep the garden clean and attractive. Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies of most of the people in the world. Nursery Equipment in Ireland Nursery Equipment keep the nursery perfect and alluring. These days, planting is one of the most well known side interests of a great many people on the planet. Utilizations an assortment of nursery gear for care. This implies that certain individuals use garden hardware like digging tools, spades, wheel packs, and so forth, while others utilize programmed lawnmowers, like Automowers, Chainsaws, lawnmowers, Husqvarna, and so on We are a web-based provider to address your issues. Our hardware is a low bye and top notch materials garden gear for next working day conveyance. The following are some nursery making devices talked about: The Husqvarna 135 II is another lightweight and productive mortgage holder saw ideal for those searching for a trimming tool that is especially simple to begin and move. The minimized 3-wheeled mechanical cutter for proficient taking care of more open lawn regions. Appropriate for more modest yards up to 600 m and can likewise deal with slants with a slope of 25%. Battery yard cutter for medium-sized yards with expanded releasing width for problem cutting and least support. Husqvarna 135 II Chainsaw The Husqvarna 135 II is another lightweight and effective property holder saw ideal for those searching for a trimming tool that is astoundingly simple to begin and move. Husqvarna Automower 105 Husqvarna Automowers The conservative 3-wheeled automated trimmer for proficient taking care of more open lawn regions. Reasonable for more modest yards up to 600 m and can likewise deal with slants with a grade of 25%. Husqvarna LC 247iX Husqvarna Walk-Behind Mowers Battery grass cutter for medium-sized yards with expanded releasing width for issue cutting and least support. Website: -
Deskription Ein niedriger Baum mit ausgebreiteter Krone (<18 m x < 0,8 m), sein Stamm hat eine glatte Kreislinie, seine Rinde ist hart und grau, seine Gerte sind gelb, fast kahl, seine Nadelblätter beugen sich zweiseitig an dem Trieb in V-Form, die an der Seite sind zweimal so lange als die obene Nadel. An den oberen Gerten astehen sie teilweise kreisförmig. Die Nadelblätter (1-4,2 cm) sind oben glänzig und dunkelgrün, an der untener Seite weiß und streifig. Die Zapfen (7-12 cm) sind schmal und walzenformig, im reifen Zustand gelbbraun und braun, die obene Blätter sind teilweise wegstehend. Zwischen den kaum zugänglichen Gebirgen Baishanzu in der Provinz S-Zheijang in einem Tal längst einem kleinen Bach (1700 m) wurde diese besondere Tanne gefunden. In dem Überrest dem Gemisch von Zwergbambus, Tannen und Buchenwald standen in den 70-en Jahren noch 8 Bäume, aber heute sind nur 3 geblieben – diese Art ist also die seltenste bekannte Tanne der Welt. Ganz entfernt von den bekannten Arten ist diese Art an seinem Ackerort der Beweiß der Florawandlung in der Eiszeit. Die, am Randgebiet der Provinz Hunan und Guangxi und in W-Jiangxi gefundene zijuanere Tanne (Abies zijuanesis), was kegelförmige Knospe und größere Zapfenschuppe ( < 2,5 cm) hat, ist neulich als die Variante von dieser Art betrachtet (Abies beshanzuensis var. Zijuanesis), also die inselmäßige Flecke „der großen Art” umfangen ein Gebiet von 1000 km. (hierzu gehört die W- yiangxi-ere Art, die im Jahre 1988 ursprünglich als Abies dayuanesis genannt wurde). Der vegetative Klon-Bestand - was durch den Trieb vermehrt wird (an momere Tanne, an Abies firma) – steht vor dem Administrationsgebäude des Nationalschutzgebiets Baishanzu, in Höhe von 1300 m an streng einem streng bewahrten und umgezäunten Gebiet. Die Bäume „tragen schon Früchte”, aber in 1998 hat noch kein Staubgefäss entwickelt, also das Bestäuben fehlt noch. Oben am ursprünglichen Ackerort in Höhe von 1700 m gibt es fortlaufend Wind und Regen, die das Bestäuben fast unmöglich machen. Die Regeneration des Bestandes in der Population – wo ursprünglich 8 Stück entdeckt wurde, aber für heute nur noch 3 Exemplare geblieben sind – ist am ursprünglichen Ackerort kaum vorstellbar. Von der am Forschungsstation wachsenen Bestand erwarten die Forscher und der Naturschutz, dass sie bald keimbare Kerne trägt, und so könnte mit dem Vorpflegen, mit dem Erkräftigen und mit dem Zurücksetztn der Bestand angefangen werden.
How to make my garden even more attractive?
Yes, this has been a problem on the minds of everyone who loves plants or sports a green thumb. Beautifying your garden involves both creativity and slight effort on your part, but if you're dedicated enough, it is often through successfully. you'll either get a gardener to undertake to do the work or appear the hay yourself. If you would like gardening, then this might not be difficult in the least. If you've no time for it yourself, then find an honest professional landscaper who can work wonders with minimal effort from you. To begin with, prepare a design of what quiet garden do I want in your backyard, whether something naturalistic or English-style carpet bedding, etc.; choose flowers and plants accordingly. additionally to this, also consider the situation of beds also as that plants, potted plants, and flowers. The types of flowers that you simply grow in your garden make all the difference. Here are a variety of flowers to beautify your garden: 1) Petunias: These are one of the only plants to grow and even have colorful flowers. These are native to South America and should survive in almost any kind of soil, from loam to gravel. Just plant them employing a trowel or spade at your convenience. If you'd like, they're going to be planted directly into rock bottom during a neighborhood where there's abundant sunlight. don't forget to water them regularly, especially once you start planting them and till they establish themselves tolerably . 2) Portulaca: This flower thrives in hot conditions and needs little or no attention. the only time for planting these kinds of flowers is in early spring and late summer so as that they get enough heat. 3) Roses: There are many kinds of roses used for landscaping. Your choice depends on the type of look you desire in your garden. you'll either choose the old-fashioned kind, otherwise you'll choose something more modern which can match your home décor or decide according to what's in fashion immediately . Roses, when bought from a nursery, have already been pruned and planted within alittle container, so it's best if you get them as they're ready to be transplanted. 4) Chrysanthemum: These plants are available in various kinds and hues but need little or no sunlight; thus, these flowers work well for those gardens which don't receive enough sunlight because of tall buildings around. If choosing the right variety, they also provide beautiful blooms all around the year. 5) Lily Lily: is one of the go-to flowering plants used to make our gardens look dashing and splendid. As mentioned earlier, the type of flowers you decide on depends on your required effect. In terms of lilies, lilyturf is another addition to our list. 6) Verbena: These kinds of plants are also very easy to grow and have bright coloured flowers with a satisfying fragrance. Plant them early in spring or late summer. They require sun exposure and well drain soil but don't over-water them as this might kill these kinds of plants; this may be done by creating furrows around their rootage or even placing stones at the lowest so as that water doesn't accumulate near the plant roots. 7) Jasmine: Jasmine flowers aren't only easy to grow but even have a fragrant perfume that can suffuse your garden with a satisfying smell. These are native to Asia, which they thrive well in the weather. the only time for planting jasmine is during mid-spring or late summer; however, if you'd like them to flower earlier, then there's an option of taking cuttings from existing plants early within the spring season and place them where you'd like them to be grown. These are the 7 major flowers one can use to beautify their garden. But that's not all, and there is plenty of garden decor you'll use to make it look even more attractive and special. Major Garden Decor Items are: 1) Statues and fountains: Statues placed within the garden create an illusion of bringing in people from another realm. the same is that the case with water fountains also . These are very attractive items that increase the sweetness of any garden, no matter its size. you'll place these right in your flowerbeds, otherwise you'll have them acknowledged on a separate island. the choice is completely yours. So it's time to urge creative! 2) Birdbaths and feeders: Birds tend to be attracted towards green surroundings, so if you set in birdbaths or bird feeders around your garden, then they go to not only beautify your garden but also attract birds accessible into your yard, giving it a more pleasing feel and appearance . 3) Fences and Frames for Creeper plants it's always advised to possess a fence around your garden if you'd wish to stay out animals or even children sometimes from entering the planet . A frame can also be erected if you'd wish to hide up some unsightly a neighborhood of your yards, like an old wall or something like that; just confirm they're getting into tandem along side your garden's overall look and feel. The creeper plants, like money plants, can use them to spread around and convey beauty all about! These are variety of the favored garden decor items that beautify any garden, making it look much more luxurious and pleasant . you'll also include patio furniture or outdoor fireplaces for an additional effect. These little things and elements make plenty of difference to your garden, so don't forget to undertake all of them out.
The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Outdoor Decking Material
If you had the opportunity to hold an impromptu family dinner on your private deck, would you not want to do it? After a long day at the office, why not sit back on your deck and watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand. Whether you are building a deck to go around an in-ground pool or a balcony expansion in the front or rear, there are a plethora of design alternatives to choose from, which can make this entire task interesting. However, which is the best one for you to choose – fiberglass or composite decking boards in UK? In this guide, we will be helping you learn how to pick the best decking material for your outdoors. Select The Right Decking Material In this section, we will go over the broad advantages and disadvantages of numerous materials, followed by a more in-depth examination of the essential decision-making criteria such as aesthetic, upkeep, durability, and cost. Composite Decking Composite decking is a wood replacement that blends plastics and wood chips to create a board that is both robust and good for the environment. Over the past quarter-century, it has quickly gained popularity as a preferred residential building material. Composite decking is a great option if you want to spend as little time maintaining it as possible. You can use every meter of composite decking board you buy in the UK because the material is so uniform. Although the appearance is not entirely natural, composite decking is a good choice if you would rather spend your time enjoying your deck than working on it.  PVC Decking When purchased, this material is available in various surface textures and colors to fit your personal preference. Installing it is simple and involves little labor, making it another best decking material. When exposed to the sun for an extended time, it degrades into a generation composite that is fragile and susceptible to cracking, requiring the replacement of the entire deck to match the color.  Timber Decking Timber has been the most traditional and natural material used for decking for thousands of years. If the natural feel and appearance are important, consider using timber. Wood can be rot and stain-resistant when properly treated. The majority of the wood in use today is robust enough to withstand everyday foot pressure, with some installers even offering warranties on their work. Assess The Appearance Keep in mind that the deck is an extension of the house's exterior, so go with a design that complements the rest of the house. All the warmth and beauty of natural wood can be found in composite decking available in the UK. Black composite decking is available in various wood grain patterns to fit your outdoor environment. All kinds of outdoor areas can benefit from timbers. Investing in high-quality timber wood can yield stunning results, and it is likely to last for a long time. For a uniform aesthetic, keep your deck furniture in one vivid color, especially if you have a lot of planting or gardening going on in the backyard.
Explore the Contemporary techniques of gardening at home
Are you someone who craves to grow crops at home? Are you concerned about your indoor plantations? Here is all that you need to know about the astonishing indoor hydroponic garden. Planting at home isn’t as easy as it looks. It includes bringing in rich fertilizers and manures that can help the plants in optimizing their growth, but what comes along are the dirt, smell, and irritating pesticides that keep interfering with your hard work. As our era is developing and adapting AI solutions in every point of life, it has also envisioned an indoor hydroponic garden that provides simple automation taking care of the nutrients supply and water absorption. This contemporary design provides an insight into how Mother Nature operates the growth of the different crops. If we sneak into the past, we’ll realize how important it used to be to have the contribution of sunlight into the growth of vegetables and fruits. There are different ways to deal with indoor hydroponic techniques. These include systems where simplicity differs on various levels. Vegetables and fruits have become a handy activity in the Covid crisis and people find it productive as well as a stress releasing when they deal with such natural activities. Specialize in Unique Gardening Techniques resulting in Healthy Crops The Indoor hydroponic Garden ideas you can build are interesting and easy to handle. All you need is a little guidance and you are good to go with your natural work routine. The best part about an indoor hydroponic garden is that it eradicates the usage of soil. Instead of changing the manure of the pots, you will just have to take care of the machine that acts like a fish tank and needs your response every 2 months. Plantations require nutrients that are transferred through the injecting tools of the machine by providing a layer of nutrients that can easily be absorbed. The fun part about all this activity is that you can grow vegetables like lettuce, spring onions, and many more that contribute to your everyday salads and meals. Imagine having cucumbers grown at home with the exact rich taste that you have expected. This system can bring us all into the new version of living life on our terms and low efforts. This is our chance to speculate into the market, get the seeds we need to grow the relevant fruits and vegetables, and finally get an indoor hydroponic garden set up powered up for your use with the right guidance. Whenever you go for this new and innovative wing of plantations, you have to read the instructions and precautions to have a vision of how you can operate it and what are the queries would clear your vague perspectives to an indoor hydroponic garden. Some of the cons related to this system include its complicated operations because if you start using it loosely, you would probably end up taking away the life of a poor living. This is why reading precautions or asking for a team to help you set this system up and keep notice of the progress is important.
Why hire tree services? Every important thing you need to know about tree companies
Welcome to this blog! This article is going to walk you through every important thing you may want about your garden and how a good tree company can work wonders for you. When it comes to making an informed decision about hiring the right tree care service, you cannot go wrong with this tree care website. Over time, it becomes necessary to get rid of overgrown trees and rotten branches associated with them. The removal of overgrown trees, branches, plants, & greases To put it in perspective, it is obvious that you will be able to get the best of both worlds in a way that the removal of overgrown trees, branches, plants, and greases will also remove the infestation of pests, rodents, and other pests. There’s no denying that many kinds of harmful and infectious pests may be found in the barks especially in the dark, overgrown trees. Using a professional tree service Duluth Minnesota can help you in different ways. In addition to the benefits of using a tree service Duluth Minnesota that I have stated above, a thoroughly clean and neat outdoor space can as well add value to your commercial or residential property, increasing its market value if you want to sell it. Speaking of overgrown or excessively enlarged tree branches, there is one thing I can say for sure that they can cause anybody serious injuries as they may fall anytime abruptly and unexpectedly. The use of professional tree services for safety reasons The fact of the matter is that using a tree service Duluth Minnesota is also good for safety reasons. So, you can go wrong with overlooking the periodic need for contacting and using tree service Duluth Minnesota near you. Overgrown and old branches may cause injuries, so better be safe than sorry. The tree service Duluth Minnesota can benefit you in context with safety, aesthetics, finances, and comfort. What else do you need to get from the service? As long as you’ve got overgrown trees in your garden, all people residing in the home are not safe as they are supposed to spend some time in the yard, isn’t it? I think it is safe to assume that overgrown trees must be tended to otherwise you will have to face the music any time soon down the road. How can you get rid of overgrown trees safely & completely? The only way to avoid structural damage to your property is to have overgrown trees removed as early as possible without making any further delays. Natural calamities are not uncommon in our country, so you need to take action before a branch of the tree or the entire tree with all its parts fall over. What if a withered stem or branch falls on individuals in your family? The fall of withered stems may cause you severe injuries abruptly! Professionals can better handle the removal of the falling branches as part of their professional job. An average property owner is not supposed to carry out the job in a safe manner, so there is no need to take a risk in something you are not an expert in.
Every homeowner wants to see their yard in a fabulous look. What about you?
Every homeowner wants to see their yard in a fabulous look which is not feasible without proper maintenance. The problem is that a homeowner is not sure how to put this idea into action. If your yard has overgrown, it is time to get professional assistance from Before the next storm or another kind of natural disaster comes as a bolt from the blue, it is advisable to have your garden prepared by a reliable tree service Champaign IL. Why do trees look overgrown & what to do accordingly? Professional tree service Champaign IL arborists know why trees look overgrown and what to do accordingly. It is only a professional tree service Champaign IL team that can trim trees the way they should be trimmed, managed, handled, and treated so the original glory of your garden can be restored with a bang. In the availability of good tree service Champaign IL, you no longer need to struggle to trim the branches, & stems on your own. There are so many benefits you can enjoy by using a residential tree service Champaign IL. The benefits of hiring a tree service Champaign IL are not just limited to making your yard look fresh, and that’s about it. Getting professional assistance makes it easier for you to decide whether or not your garden needs to be trimmed, cleaned, and refreshed. Choosing a tree service randomly is not advisable Choosing a tree service randomly is not advisable. You need to choose the right tree service to work with you so that you can get the most out of it. Residential Tree Company can give you way more benefits than your expectations in addition to making your garden more appealing & look healthier than ever before. Large branches of trees that have overgrown may pose a risk for the entire family since almost every person in the family spends a portion of their free time in the home garden if I’m not mistaken. How to effectively make your garden aesthetically gorgeous? So, you are not supposed to leave your yard untreated even after it is obvious that the garden has overgrown dangerous branches on trees. No matter what, safety comes first! When it comes to revitalizing overgrown and old trees in a yard, the only thing you must get done is the elimination of the overgrown tree branches through tree pruning. In addition to the above-stated benefits as a result of seeking professional assistance, almost every home garden owner wants to keep their garden look nice and fabulous. Tree pruning can effectively make your garden aesthetically gorgeous! The next benefit is very precious since your time is very precious. Yes, you have guessed right! You can save your valuable time by hiring a residential tree service as you are not going to do it on your own. A professional tree removal service will ensure complete tree removal with full responsibility and safety for the entire family and property whenever you want a tree to be completely removed from your garden, yard, or lawn. What’s more, the professional tree service team will make sure that the population of trees is free from diseases as well as healthy.
Home - Coughlan Garden Equipment
Home Apply For Finance Top Level Categories HUSQVARNA BERG TOYS ECHO HASQVARNA TOYS Forestry & Arborist Tools Generators & Powerwashers HARRY APACHE Mountfield Husqvarva leaf blower in ireland Husqvarna 530iBX Blower €495.00 Incredible, lightweight and calm proficient rucksack battery blower. The machine offers the most reduced commotion level and most noteworthy wind current available alongside an even plan. Depiction Incredible, lightweight and calm proficient rucksack battery blower. The machine offers the most reduced commotion level and most noteworthy wind current available alongside an even plan, which makes it agreeable to use during long moves. A simple tap on the keypad begins the machine immediately consistently and the voyage control implies full spotlight on blowing leafs and trash away. The blower likewise has a lift power mode that gives you some additional force when required. Husqvarna 530iBX Blower Elements Li-particle power: The Li-particle battery gives dependable force and top class execution. Ergonomic handle: Ergonomically formed handle for more noteworthy solace and simple admittance to the controls. Lift impact: Maximized blowing speed during restricted time through simple available lift mode. Journey control: Fan speed can be set for simpler taking care of. Husqvarna PW125 €155.00 Our most reduced high-pressure washer, offering a high cleaning execution for errands, for example, decks and nursery hardware. Garden equipment in ireland Portrayal Our most reduced high-pressure washer, offering a high cleaning execution for errands, for example, decks and nursery hardware. Two turn capacities, for spout change and speedy association, forestall bother. On-board extra stockpiling, hose reel and force string stockpiling make activity effective. The metal siphon gives a trustworthy exhibition. Two spouts and one froth sprayer are incorporated. Oleomac Garden Machinery Oleo-Mac G53-TK AllRoad Plus-4 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower €539.00 Depiction Oleo-Mac G53-TK AllRoad Plus-4 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower The Oleo-Mac G53-TK AllRoad Plus-4 self-moved yard trimmer is a very much evaluated 4-in-1 yard cutter and is the ideal decision in case you are searching for flexibility and the capacity to deal with a scope of grass-types. The cutting-modes are as per the following: cut and gather; back release; side-release; and mulch; with every one of the vital extras being provided as standard. Website: -
Choosing the Best, handy Chainsaw Tool to Keep Your Garden Maintained
Little handy tools make our environment and daily life tasks so easier. From a simple hammer to an electrical tool, these little things are handy to handle little problems at the time. While our home is a perfect environment with the combination of some systems, to detect faults in it and to correct these, we should have tools. Handle chainsaw is one of these important tools and the availability of it does matter if you are having a space reserved with trees. Probably, you are looking for the best top handle chainsaw, and approaching the best ones is not a big deal. Why You Need a Chainsaw? You must be stuck between whether you should buy a handle chainsaw or you don’t need it. It’s quite simple and you shouldn’t stress about it much. It’s, no doubt, useful too. Whether you have to trim branches of a tree you need to fall an entire tree, this little functional tool can do these tasks proficiently in less time. Simply, if you are having a bunch of trees in the backyard of your home and you have to deal with like you usually spend time there, you should, obviously, go with this. Since it doesn’t cost much as well, you only have to look for the best top handle chainsaw that is not a big deal. Where you can find it Maybe it’s your first time buying this tool and your recently planted trees are growing now, so you might be wondering about the place to purchase it. The first option is the internet as it’s authentic, easily available, and reliable. Of course, you must be an expert in it. Forms searching the best top handle chainsaw options to the perfect online stores, you can easily approach all essential things easily. Furthermore, looking for a nearby gardening care store also seems a perfect option especially if you don’t feel comfortable with internet stuff. Stores are also easily available. Firstly, you should check around your street or area so your neighbors to help you in finding out.     Look for the Best Doubtlessly, you can find so many varieties of the chainsaw. Form size to the functionality, it varies in so many things. Since you are looking for a handy tool to create easiness in your gardening care, it must be the best one. When it’s your first time, things get a little complicated. Firstly, you should look for the best top handle chainsaw available. You should only enlist the latest ones because these are more functional and features full. Enlisting, the top chainsaw is not only enough, but getting information about each tool is the perfect place. It might be so burdening practice for you as it’s the machinery stuff and also new to you. But, you don’t need to worry because buying guides are available on the internet with authentic reviews. This post can be very helpful regarding purchasing the best chainsaw tool and you should check to save your time.  
Tropical plants to transform your spaces
Dare to transform your spaces from natural decorative elements, such as tropical plants. Some of them also have health properties. The decoration "savage" or wild is very fashionable, so we want to talk in this article about those tropical plants with which you can transform your spaces and print a little of this style. It is its wide leaves that will give that special touch that you are looking for, where the intense green colors in different shades are the protagonists. Tropical plants have some specific characteristics, as they come from hot and humid areas , with summer being their time to shine. Some have flowers that enchant, while others have nothing to envy because with only leaves they catch through different tones and designs. Keep reading because we will tell you which are those precise tropical plants to transform indoor and outdoor spaces. Without a doubt, you are going to love them! or you can check this article from 4 simply technique to learn how to decorate your home with this 100+ Outdoor gardening ideas Tropical plants to transform interiors With the arrival of summer it is necessary to get in tune, add decorative elements to the home that make us feel that one of the most longed for times of the year has arrived. If this is your case, consider the following tropical plants and transform your interiors. Alocasia: it is a tropical plant that makes a difference and transforms interior spaces in an incredible way. It is native to the tropics of Asia and Australia, although it is cultivated throughout the world. It has a medium height and has wide leaves, which is why it is known as an elephant's ear. Dracena: of this plant there are more or less 40 different species. The best known is the fine-leaved dracena which is shaped like a palm tree and adapts very well to interior spaces. It goes very well in the bathroom or in an empty corner of the living room. It has a plus, and that is that it purifies the air and cleans it of polluting gases. Kentia: this is one of the most popular palm trees when it comes to interior decoration. It has long, thin and arched leaves that make it look very elegant. The ideal is to have it in a wide area where its leaves can grow without stumbling. Dieffenbachia or diefembaquia: it is a plant native to Central America that has different varieties. They are characterized by being evergreen and have large, oval and lanceolate leaves. Its color is intense green with a mottled pattern of a lighter shade, depending on the species and variety. These four tropical plants ideal for transforming indoor spaces have something in common and that is that they are easy to care for. They need spaces and irrigation to grow and beautify your home. Transform your exteriors too Now, it is also possible to give that “savage” touch to outdoor spaces. We tell you which are the precise tropical plants for them: Hibiscus: this is an ideal plant to transform spaces because it has very showy flowers, bell-shaped and with five petals. They are of varied colors according to the species, predominantly red. They are used for decorative and medicinal purposes . Bird of paradise: its scientific name is strelitzia reginae and it is thanks to the shape of the flower that it is known as bird of paradise . The flower contrasts very well with the wide leaves it has. Ciques: also known as cycas revoluta or the church palm, it is native to southern Japan. It is ideal to grow it at home in warm and tropical areas, since it does not resist the cold. It stands out for having a kind of crown of dark green leaves, as well as a thick, hairy trunk that can branch several times. Areca : it is native to Madagascar and belongs to the palm family. It is very popular because in addition to beautifying and transforming spaces, it has a high rate of perspiration, which allows it to eliminate toxins from the air. Iraca: it is a tropical plant that is also known as jipijapa or toquilla. It has wide green fan-shaped leaves. Although many recognize it as a palm, it is not, it is a herbaceous plant. It is popular because in countries like Colombia it is used to make handicrafts. Dare to transform your spaces with these tropical plants The size of these tropical plants may make you doubt, but that's what the "savage" style is all about, betting on transforming real spaces. If your apartment is small, try some of the medium-sized plants and place them strategically , the idea is that you do not deny yourself the opportunity to naturally revive your home.