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They are two exceptionally bright kids. They are second cousins and the best of friends. Later generations will be made to believe that John is half a year older than Jesus. But this is not true. In fact, they were born on almost the same day, 10 years ago. As it turned out, when Hanna wanted to send Mary to her sister in Bethlehem, it was eventually decided that Mary will go to live with her cousin Elisabeth, and her husband the priest Zechariah, until the arrangements will be made for Mary to be wedded to Josef, a widowed carpenter from Nazareth. In this way, it was believed, Mary will be much better protected, in her delicate situation. The two kids are sitting on a big rock, overseeing the beautiful valley below the village of Ein Kerem. John wants to tell Jesus about the conversation between his parents that he overheard last night, but can't quite find the words.