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Computer GK Questions and Answers related to Computer and IT which are very important and useful for all types of competitive exams. Collection of Computer GK Questions asked in all types of competitive exams like SSC, IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, RBI, TET, CTET, Q1. Who is the inventor of computer? [A] Von Neumann [B] JS Kilby [C] Charles Babbage [D] None of These Q2. Which among the following is not a security / privacy risk? [A] Spam [B] Virus [C] Hacking [D] Phishing Q3. Which among the following is not a payment card technology? [A] Magnetic Stripe Card [B] Smart Card [C] Fleet Card [D] All of These are Payment Card Technologies Q4. Who among the following considered as the ‘father of artificial intelligence’? [A] Charles Babbage [B] Lee De Forest [C] JP Eckert [D] John McCarthy Q5. What is the full of form ALU? A. Analyst Logic Unit B. Algebraic Logic Unit C. Arithmetic Logic Unit D. None of the above Q6. Which was the World’s first Successful Electronic Computer? [A] Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer ENIAC [B] PARAM [c] CRAY-1 [D] Pascaline Show Answer Q7. Which was first virus detected on ARPANET, the forerunner of the internet in the early 1970s? [A] Exe Flie [B] Peeper Virus [D] Trozen horse [D] Creeper Virus Q8. What is the data going into the computer called? [A] Algorithm [B] Input [C] Output [D] Calculations Q9. Which are the two of the most commonly used languages for CGI Common Gateway Interface scripts? A. C++ and Perl B. Java & C++ C. Java and C D. Perl and Java Q10. Which out of the following can be called as modifiers? [A] Keys Num Lock, Backspace, and Tab [B] Keys Alt, Shift, or Ctrl [C] Keys, Page Up , Page Down, Print SC [D] Keys Tab, caps lock , End For ANSWERS all Questions Please Visit COMPUTER GK QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
If you want to know about the tarp, you have come to the right place. It is the common name for tarpaulin, which sailors used for centuries. But for the past few decades, it has become one of the essential requirements for many purposes. Depending on the material used, there are also many tarp types needed for commercial and domestic use. Tarpaulin helps from camping to covering vehicles and for many industrial uses. Check out canvas tarp, one of the most commonly used tarps, its types, and its many advantages and disadvantages. What is a canvas tarp? From the 1600s, sailors used canvas known as Palli to protect nature’s elements, like wind and rain. As tar covers the canvas to be safe, the name tarpaulin came into use, now shortly known as a tarp. Out of the many tarps, canvas tarps made from cotton are eco-friendly, versatile and also durable. Unlike the poly or PVC tarps, these canvas tarps are breathable and have many advantages and a few disadvantages. From farming to transportation and from construction sites to building projects, there are many advantages. Compared to the other tarps, there are also a few disadvantages. What are the types of canvas tarp? There are many types of canvas tarps, from natural cotton woven tarp to treated and flame retardant in various thicknesses for specific uses. A few of them include: Untreated canvas tarps Untreated canvas tarps have been in use for a long time, which is naturally woven cotton tarps. Since weaved tightly, they are water-resistant but not waterproof and hence can have limited use. Treated canvas tarps A treated canvas tarp is the best to protect from rain, UV rays, and others. They get treated with dyes or water repellent wax, and others make them ideal for covering goods in trucks and other ways. Flame retardant canvas tarps For covering many flammable things, flame retardant canvas tarps are the best, as they are resistant to fire and keep them safe. What are the advantages of canvas tarps? For centuries, it saved the sailors from the harmful elements of mother nature to still have many advantages. Since tightly woven cotton tarps are breathable and eco-friendly, if taken proper care of, canvas tarps even last longer than the tarp types made of PVC. Following are the few advantages of canvas tarps. · Since these tarps are breathable, they are best for building projects, construction sites, among others. · Woven tightly with cotton, it is one of the most eco-friendly tarps available not to harm mother earth. · Since it is available in treated and untreated forms, it is extremely versatile in logistics, farming, construction, etc. · It is easy to handle as woven from cotton, making folding and safe with no hassles. What are the disadvantages of canvas tarps? Though there are many advantages of canvas tarps, there are also few disadvantages that include: · They are heavier than the other tarps · They are water-resistant but not waterproof · Treated canvas tarps are best only outdoor as they may stain and have a strong odor indoors Conclusion The above facts about canvas tarp will surely help you choose the best as per your need but need to buy from the best suppliers for all its advantages.
Everything You Need to Know About FlatBed Truck Tarps
Almost every flatbed truck driver in this world has a collection of required truck Tarps and other accessories. Truck tarps are an essential item to protect the cargo while picking up the order and delivering it. Truck Tarps are available in multiple different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. With such variety, you can choose the correct one that meets your requirements. Every truck Tarp production company ensures to give high quality and durable Tarps for their customers. A cheap quality truck Tarp may save some money initially, but it is not suitable for the long run. Flatbed Truck Tarps For truck Tarps, the idea of one-size-fits-all does not work, as different trucks require a different Tarp. For the success of every flatbed driver worldwide is selecting the correct Tarp for their truck for the heavy load they are carrying. An excellent heavy duty Tarp helps the truck driver drive the truck and get the item delivered safely. Some of the best flatbed trucks Tarps that truck drivers widely used are: · Steel Tarps: Steel tarps are considered all-purpose Tarps, mainly for general cargo. Steel Tarps are ideal for steel loads or products as they are low profile Tarp and have four sides for better coverage. · Lumber Tarps: lumber Tarps are bigger and better than steel Tarps. While steel Tarps are ideal for covering the steel, lumber Tarps are considered best to cover lumber loads. Lumber Tarps are high-profile Tarp with long sides and a back flap for more extensive coverage of the stuff against harsh weather. Many truck drivers preferred another truck tarps. · Coil Tarps: another famous truck Tarp is coil Tarps. It is specifically created for coil loads. Coil Tarps keep the coil load tightly wrapped as well as shielded against the harsh weather. They are specifically shaped to fit the rolls of coil load perfectly. · Machinery Tarps: generally, many truck drivers carry machinery through roadways. It is important to keep the machinery safe and well protected. To avoid any complications, truck drivers use machinery Tarps to keep the machines safe and secure. Machinery Tarps are slightly similar to steel sTarps; however, they are slightly bigger than steel sTarps. A heavy duty Tarp also helps in keeping the machinery safe from the harsh climate. · Parachute Tarps: parachute Tarps are made from the same material that is used to construct parachutes. They are made with many components making them suitable to use for almost every load. The top section of the parachute Tarp is made of vinyl to keep the water out, whereas the side of this Tarp is made of lightweight ripstop nylon. These are some of the best and most wanted flatbed truck Tarps for almost every job. The tarps mentioned above are affordable, easy to use, and easy to store. Follow the proper procedures to keep your truck tarps safe for the long run. Trucks Tarps come in different shapes and sizes, so choose the one that complements your truck.
How Is The Number 911 Protected In Numerology?
What is the significance of the number 911 in numerology? How is this number interpreted in a real-life numerology reading? Are there any connections between the number and astrology? The answers to these questions may surprise you. Find out what some of these answers are in this article. How is the number 911 denoted in numerology? When you use the name " Angel Number 911" in a sentence, you are essentially describing an angel or some form of divinity that is usually seen as a white-winged figure with a very long tail. This is the common modern interpretation of the name. In biblical numerology, however, the number is interpreted as the name of God's most loyal servant, Jesus. This meaning is reinforced by other details of the story. For example, in Leviticus 26:2, we read that Jesus will bless those who recognize him while they look into their houses. If you were to see Jesus in person, it would be impossible for you to mistake his appearance for that of any other man. Anyone would be able to do this, however. Therefore, the reference in Leviticus is not intended to be literal. This brings us to our third question: Does the numerical value of an angel have any meaning in numerology? It most commonly does, although it varies from one practitioner to another. An angel can be anywhere from a minor angel to a major angel. A minor angel can have a minuscule numeric value. When we pray, for example, we might ask for the help of a minor angel who will then carry out our request. The value assigned to numbers is not based on their appearance. For example, the number seventy has a different meaning to a person in the United States than it does elsewhere. It has a different meaning to an Indian or South American person as well. It has a completely different meaning to a Jewish person. These numbers simply don't mean what they mean to each other. This brings us to our fourth question: How is the number 911 characterized in numerology? You may find this strange and even unbelievable if you are new to numerology. However, there are numbers that have long been used as signs in many cultures and have proven their value across time. Some examples include numbers such as the numbers 13, 21, and 99. Many people think that numerology is just a subject that deals with dates and times; as such many people are surprised when they receive a call from a number they don't recognize. In addition, some people may even be unfamiliar with a series of numbers that appear on a phone bill or address book. The reasons why people may not understand the meaning of a number they see on their telephone are because it's not exactly what they expect. The same can be said of numbers found on business cards, address books, lottery tickets, and the list goes on. Numerology can answer many of the questions that you have about your own life. It can help you determine the direction you are going in. If you find yourself wondering how a certain event in your life has an impact on your future, numerology can answer that question for you. It can help you decide whether a relationship is right for you and if you are financially stable. Don't be surprised if you are told the answer to the question "How is the number 911?" before you get the answer. Many people have their own suspicions, and they may wonder how the question of "How is the number 911?" can help them. Usually, when a person has these doubts, they are not ready to talk about them. However, with the help of a trained astrologer, these problems can be addressed. You can tell him about all of the concerns you have. He will try to give you the answers you need to make a good decision and to keep you from worrying. People have different opinions about how important numerology is. For some, it's just a tool that can help them answer questions about their lives. Others say that all the concerns they have can all be solved with the help of numerology. Most people agree that there are things that can't be predicted, but their faith in the mystical powers of the universe cannot be shaken. Whatever your reasons are, there is no doubt that you can use numerology in your life. It can help you figure out important dates in your life, like your birth date and the date of your death. It can even tell you the direction you should go in your career. No matter what your answer is, how is the number 911 characterized in numerology?
If you are going to Costa Maya for your vacation but do not know the best way to travel. It is better that you opt for the royal Caribbean costa Maya excursion as you will get to experience most of the best ruins and monuments left behind by the Mayan people. The Costa Maya and the Mahahual were used to be the villages primarily for fishing. As time passed and after 2002, it became the best and popular location for the cruise ship destination. This place was the initial cruise port in the Caribbean, although this place did not last long. More About Costa Maya Port Costa Maya Port is amongst the most popular cruise ports and is the best travel destination. You will get free amenities such as swimming pools, entertainment, and Wi-Fi. There are various excursions, such as Bacalar Excursion. You will get to explore the best places in Costa Maya and do various fun activities with your family or friends. The port can contain three large pavilions, saltwater pools, luxury shopping areas, a beach club, and bars and restaurants. This place can have three cruise ships at once. You will get to explore the never-ending summer after visiting the famous Mahahual. Mahahual is a small village in which the port is located, and you will get to discover all of the best things Costa Maya has to offer. When going to Costa Maya, you will get to explore various wonders, such as the Chacchoben ruins; if you go to Costa Maya through royal Caribbean costa Maya excursion, you will see the ruins through the ship. Bacalar When going to the Bacalar, you should know that there are not any flights. You will have to land at the nearby airport and go there by rental car, bus, or shuttle. When you visit this place through whatever methods, you will enjoy your trip to the place as it is undoubtedly a memorable place and you will have a good time. It is a stunning place, and people love it because of its look and the activities it provides to the tourists. Bacalar Excursion will help you take full advantage of visiting the place, such as exploring the interesting and beautiful locations. It will not be wise to visit Bacalar without going out on the Laguna de Bacalar. If you are into a place where you can relax, it is an excellent way of relaxing, and you simply have to embrace the surroundings for hours. You will get to explore the beautiful waters that are crystal clear along with the bed of the late white limestone. The pristine base will help you to emphasize the water clarity even further. The boating route you will take was usually used by the pirates centuries ago and the time spent exploring the mangroves. Conclusion Costa Maya is the best place to visit and make memories that will last almost forever. Going to the beach of Mahahual, meeting the people, and learning about the cultures of the Mayans people will let you know how the Mayan people were.
What is the 7 year child Parent Route and how to get a U.K. visa through it?
If a child has been in the U.K. for more than 7 years then the child itself and his or her parents can apply for the U.K. visa. The 7 year child Parent Route can get the people limited leave to remain in the U.K. visa for the child itself or the parents of that child as well. But here are a few major requirements in order to get the child visa for UK through the 7 year child Parent Route: 1. The child must of the 18 or more years in age on the date of application. Otherwise, the application will be rejected straightforwardly.  2. The child must be living in the U.K. for at least 7 years. 3. If the child is currently living in the U.K. then also a child and his parents can get a child visa for UK. 4. The child has no future intentions to leave the U.K.  5. The interest of child must lie in the U.K. only.  6. Child and parents must know the basic English language to communicate with the people in the U.K. A child can call his or her parents to the U.K. if he or she is living in the U.K. only for more than past 7 years. All the required documents as well as proof are must to give to the home office and authorities in order to prove that the child is living in the U.K. for the last 7 years and on the basis of that the person can get the visa. The rule of 7 years was made by the authorities and home office because according to the psychologists the person can completely change its habit and get transformed completely in 6 to 7 years maximum. And if the child is living in the u.k. for 7 years then he or she will be completely transformed according to the culture of the U.K. only. Initially the child is granted the limited leave to remain in the U.K. for only 30 months after which the visa along with the living permission is been extended as per the requirements and situation of the person. This visa is been granted or given to the child and his/her parents on the basis of the child.