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"The Institute" is a documentary that follows the participants of an alternate reality game that took San Francisco by storm from 2009 to 2011. The world that was created by a company called Nonchalance was filled with clues and puzzles and mystery. Secret radio broadcasts, directions hidden in street art, and a mysterious book store all made people involved question whether or not this was in a fact a game. Some participants became so paranoid that they actually moved away from San Francisco. The story involved a group involved in reinventing social relationships called the Jejune Institute. As the game unfolds, the Institute that drew all of the participants into the game turns out to look more and more like a cult. The participants were urged to pull together to destroy the Institute and protect the idea of 'Elsewhere.' This game was designed as "a citywide art project and living game," and was meant to add a missing spark to the average day in San Francisco. What I found most fascinating was the question the game, and the documentary, left us with: Not only the obvious question of "what is 'real?'" But more importantly, whether the experiences of the participants were any less meaningful, once they fully accepted that everything they went through was, in fact, only a game.
I saw this movie! I totally didn't believe it until I read about it on wikipedia. Serious such a weird thing to do!
Of course something this weird would happen in San Francisco hahah
I head about the artist that made this, Jeff Hull, sounds like a really cool social experiment. I want to watch this sometime!
I would definitely be the kind of player that would get massively paranoid. I have to watch this.
The creators must have put a ton of thought into this just based on the trailer. I wish I could have participated!
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