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After finished my summer lecture classes, I got excitied. Because the weather was so nice to take a picture. Therefore i was looking for perfec place to take some pictures. I am pretty sure that just basic clothes can make you seem like unique person. If you use some accessaries before you wear some clothes. They give you big effect than you thought. Even you just use glasses, necklase and bracelet which are easy to find ,when you wear white T-shirt and blue jeans. Top: eco company. $ 4 Jeans: levis. $ 15 Shoes: vans. $ 24 Glasses: unknown $ 6 Necklase: hand made Bracelet: hand made
And the bike, how much was that? Hahahaha, just kidding. Nice look dude! Let's see a close up of the necklace and bracelet!
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@ralphiekingston the bike is $ 264. Thanks for your attention. Next time i will upload both two accessaries.
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