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Sober Lane, which is opening a new Dublin location in July, is only accepting applications through Snapchat. The pub’s owner, Ernest Cantillon, has already received about 2,000 Snapchats in a week. They made the announcement on Twitter, stating, “Make an impression if you want a profession.” “What I want to know is how many plates you can carry and if you can entertain a customer,” Cantillon said. “Those are all things you can get across in a Snapchat.”
@caricakes Yes, totally amazingly brilliant. I would work for this bar if I could. If not, I would shake the hand of whoever came up with this amazing idea. Hahahah
“Make an impression if you want a profession.” Brilliant.
Any bar called Sober Lane is bound to have a good sense of humor
I'd be screwed. I cant make a funny or impressive snapchat to save my life.
How long are snaps? 14 seconds max? There's no way I'd get that job. I could see why the company might get in trouble for discrimination though, I'd be interested to see who they hire...
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