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The 2014 Career of the Year Barbie has just been released, and this time around, she’s a hustling and bustling entrepreneur. Barbie has been known to play into female stereotypes by loving to shop, play housewife, and do her hair. This year Barbie will be entering a field that requires hard work, brains, and creativity. This world is also dominated by men, and Barbie is ready to inspire young girls to change that. ‘Entering the entrepreneurial world, this independent professional is ready for the next big pitch. Barbie Entrepreneur doll wears a sophisticated dress in signature pink that features modern color blocking and a sleek silhouette,’ says her product description. Putting Barbie in the business world, pink smartphone in hand, is just one tiny step for womankind, but it's certainly a important one!
Go Barbie!
@caricakes @flymetothemoon Or at least give the girl some other options! I'm fine with her wearing pink but now its seen as a girls-only color. My little brother loved pink until he got to elementary school and kids started to tease him :/
@caricakes I agree! Girls get told that pink is the best too often. I get that its her signature color but she can change!
Next step - lose the pink!
This is awesome. I was really happy when she went from being a nurse to a doctor, but this is a whole new step up!
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