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Here are a few clips I recorded of myself using the SRAW on BF4. @Teamwaffles @BRNKNG I saw you are really into the Battlefield franchise so I thought you might like this! What makes the SRAW different than other launcher is that after being fired the rocket is controlled by moving the crosshairs (while scoped). However, this sounds much easier than it is. Depth perception is incredibly hard to account for in BF, not to mention if it's a moving target. The damage inflicted also doesn't help at all. It is not a OHK. The only thing it is good for is long range feel good shots.
Those are some clutch SRAW kills, though. I usually go North Korea on helis and try to bring em down with small arms fire heh ;p
You are correct @hunahuna I am indeed a big BF fan. SRAW can go die, though.
@hunahuna This is epic dude @BRNKNG Wow there dude, that's a little intense! Lol
holy crap u is good famzz
Glad you guys like it! I use the sraw way too much, I'm sure people just rage over it! LOlol