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In Chinese, a naked official (裸体官员) refers to a Communist Party official who lives alone in China while his family resides overseas. According to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, from the beginning of the reform practices in 1978 to 2003 about 4,000 corrupt officials left China, taking at least $50 billion out of the country. When President Xi Jinping came to power, he promised the Chinese people that he would crackdown on the corruption that riddled the Party - and that he has done. This week, hundreds of officials in Southern China were forced to accept demotion or early retirement when they were caught in government-led corruption investigations. Official positions are known as 'iron rice bowls' - not particularly well paid but a guaranteed job for life. 'Naked officials' have long irked the public who wonder how so many officials manage to support families living overseas on their meagre government salaries. Many top party members, including Bo Xilai, the disgraced former Chongqing boss, have sent their children to study abroad, sparking popular resentment towards a perceived privilege and hypocrisy. The most recent victim of the investigation is Fang Xuan, the former deputy head of the party committee in Guangzhou, who last week became the highest-profile victim of the campaign, taking early retirement.
it's nice to see to see a politician actually doing what they've promised to do! Also, it's good that the corruption is finally being dealt with!
@funkystar25 hear hear!! let's see how far this corruption clear up goes~