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Exciting and shocking facts about grocery shopping

Grocery delivery services are becoming more popular as they take a lot of stress and time out of shopping trips from your daily life. Think about these facts the next time you wait in line at your supermarket.

The average person goes to the superstore 1.6 times a week and spends forty-three minutes there, excluding travel to and from the store. Therefore, on average, grocery shopping takes about sixty hours a year. Imagine what you can do with those hours of your life.

Grocery stores like it when you buy more than what you came in for. On average, a supermarket has 39,500 items on offer. With so many options, you will for sure buy some replacement items that you do not need.

Well, if you are like most people, Saturday is the best time to shop, because on Saturdays a large part of the population has a holiday. If you visit a grocery store on a Saturday or Sunday, you will spend an average of fifty-five or more minutes in the grocery store.

If you visit the grocery store before dinner, you probably see more crowds than usual. During weekdays the most popular time to shop is between four and five in the evening. Also, going to the store when you are hungry makes you spend more and buy more caloric items.

Most of the purchasing budget goes to the middle aisles. Approximately one-fourth of grocery shopping money is spent on processed foods and sweets. Trying to kick these unhealthy habits is not easy when cookies and cakes are staring you in the face.

This one is undoubtedly going to shock you. A study of 85 random shopping carts found that half carried E. coli, and 72 percent had coliform bacteria. These levels are higher than public restrooms. So, before proceeding, be sure to clean each trolley with a sanitizer.

However, this cannot always be done when you are in a hurry. Therefore, it is a good idea to own a personal shopping trolley.

Yes, it might seem expensive; however, you will be surprised to know how cheaply you can get a quality shopping trolley. Visit to compare the prices of top shopping trolleys available today.

Also, by doubling the size of the store's carts, shoppers will buy up to 40 more. This is another reason you have your shopping trolley with you as you can choose the size yourself. Many stores have random shopping carts lying around the store to use them and end up buying more.

So, all of this presents a strong case for buying a shopping trolley of your own as not only will it prevent you from infections, and it can ensure that you only buy what fits your bag and not go overboard.

Having a personal cart will save you time finding a cart, returning it, and the smaller size of your cart will be easier on you. These are some interesting facts about grocery shopping that you must share with as many people as you can.