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The NFL Buffalo Bills has given us some interesting traditions over the years.

From players hopping on one foot while they throw a football to NFL teams honoring beloved movie characters, it seems like every NFL season gives fans something new and weird to talk about. For the second consecutive preseason, NFL players have taken things up a notch by wearing Hawaiian shirts of their favorite team. This is all for charity, so its not that weird or wild, but seeing grown men wearing Buffalo Bills Hawaiian shirts from 3dprintfull on the football field is always entertaining to say the least. This year's impressive selection includes 33 teams. The full list can be seen below:
Last year, NFL players decided to break away from the norm and wear more casual attire for pregame warmups instead of wearing typical NFL workout gear that's been industry standard since before cable television was even invented (thanks DVRs!). Players such as Tom Brady and Carson Wentz chose to rock some cut off jean shorts with NFL team logos plastered on them. NFL players are constantly wearing their uniforms during the course of an NFL game, so why not mix it up a little bit?
Now that two straight preseasons have included Buffalo Bills Hawaiian shirt themed warmup gear, here's what I'm hoping for in 2018:
-Every team has its rookies wear the ugliest Hawaiian shirts they can find before they make the roster. This is already happening...
-The Browns should definitely rock these at least once next season. Don't even need to explain this one....
-Every single team should be required to wear these bad boys when traveling overseas for premier matchups on foreign soil (and since its only preseason, nobody will die). Matching traveler outfits may just be too much though.
Your turn NFL players. You got another two months to think about it! Let's see what you can do....
Only in the preseason you say? I beg to differ....
"I remember when we used to play football..." -Ricky Bobby (2006)
Here's a joke: Preseason is when NFL players wear Buffalo Bills Hawaiian shirts. [Insert joke here.] If I had my way, every single team would rock these bad boys during the preseason and nobody could tell me otherwise. It doesn't matter if your team stinks or not, its all about having fun and giving fans something different than the same old thing they get for 16 weeks every fall. So there you have it, 33 NFL teams rocking Buffalo Bills Hawaiian shirts during the preseason for charity. Let's get on that jorts level next year shall we NFL? If this year's batch is anything to go by then I pray to all things good in the world that every team rocks some ridiculous Hawaiian themed shirt come August 2018
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