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Sebastian Rich began his career as a photographer back in the 50s and 60s when he dropped out school: he focused on conflict, on terrors, on horrors and has showcased every kind of these images throughout his career. Now, he has taken on a new role and began photographing the dancers of Julio Bocca Ballet in Buenos Aires. The images he has produced are striking, and he has no pre-conceived goals except for to be delighted with what can be called childish wonder. He knew nothing of ballet, and his style of photography thus clashes with the movements in a way that make it beautiful. I'm really loving the works he produces--check them out!
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@dillonk It's interesting that those are the sides of ballet shown less often, especially because it's the side of ballet that dancers like me know best--we're so used to it. But since we suffer through those things in order to create a beautiful image, it seems that is what is usually captured. Both are beautiful to me, though.
I want to see more images like the first and third. Dirty, bloody, and backbreaking. That sets up a really nice dialog that is far different than the light we usually see ballet dancing in.
@caricakes @kristenadams the pain is such a big part that is left so far from the stage, that it's great he showed it here! I definitely felt the difference between his works, and those of typical ballet photographers.
@kristenadams Especially the feet! Thats what always amazed me about ballerinas, the pain they can handle.
This is certainly not the light, graceful, beautiful images that come to mind when I think of ballet. I like that he captured it from a different point of view.