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The Great Gatsby has always been one of my favorite books, so I'm always excited to see movie versions or different adaptations of the book. I got a bit worried about the 2013 version, but I was not disappointed when I saw the film! In fact, I was thrilled. It's always difficult to move a story as memorable to an audience to the big screen without problems; you will always disappoint someone. Though there were lines of Fitzgerald's amazing descriptive writing that I really missed in the movie script, overall, the movie was great. The soundtrack was even greater. Seriously, give it a listen. There were two things I didn't like with the movie. 1: Nick is introduced first in the movie as seeing a doctor and out of sorts over Gatsby's death. This doesn't seem likely for his character, and while it was done by the director to explain his narration, it didn't really make sense to me. But I can forgive this for the sake of the screenplay making sense. The other, bigger problem I had with the movie was the way Daisy's character was written. In the book, daisy is careless and certain pettiness, and this keeps her character alive. The movie lacks this, and she is a bit more thoughtless and almost weak. Her character sort of dies on screen, and that made me a bit sad since Daisy has a certain spark in the novel. Still, I loved the movie. It was big, grand, and spectacular in the all the ways you would expect. Even though there are changes to the plot and characters that could have been done better, the overall adaptation was done well, the acting was great, and the soundtrack was fantastic. Read the book first, but I definitely recommend you check out the movie!
@sjeanyoon I have listened to a few times but I havent re watched the movie, so I'm inclined to agree.
The soundtrack was better than the movie to be honest
@onesmile Leo is definitely one of the nicest parts but tobeys not bad either! @caricakes That was for sure one of my favorite scenes. The grandeur was amazing
I liked the novel and the film pretty equally, and I'm glad you loved the soundtrack too. The first big party scene was so great
I read the book a few times in high school, but I haven't watch the movie yet, which is totally ridiculous because Leo is in it! I'm glad you liked it, I feel like I really need to watch it now.