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In 1987, apple released a concept video of the "Knowledge Navigator" set in the future (2011). Although the technology in this video seems outdated and comical because it is so old, there are actually many features that we are using today. So, what does this mean? Apple predicted what the future of technology would be in 2011 and ,in many ways, these predictions were spot on. One of the big differences, I would say, would be the size of the gadgets. Phones, tablets, and computers are getting faster, thinner, and "smarter". With Siri being released in 2011 and voice command becoming a norm with our technology, it is crazy to think that Apple predicted this 27 years ago. What are your thoughts?
Actually, we just have smaller and smarter devices!
Wow. Just wow. So many things in this video that are actual reality today.
@csgeek Yep! I remember watching it in class and my mouth dropping. It's pretty humorous, the way the imagined it...but very close! One of the reasons why I love HCI and how it evolves!