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Jeon is a pancake-like Korean dish. Jeon is made with a variety of ingredients including thinly sliced seafood, meats and vegetables which are mixed into a flour batter and pan-friend. The result? A popular, tasty dish which can be served as 반찬 (side dishes) or 안주 (snacks to accompany alcohol). The pancake is normally quite big - about the size of a big dinner plate. Normally the pancake won't be chopped into places so it is up to you to tear it into bite-sized pieces. If you see one of your friends struggling to get some jeon, don't forget to help out! Jeon can be found in most Korean restaurants and nearly all 술집 (bar/pub).
I totally love 전- I make it all the time~
haha sorry?! ^^ Have some as consolation when you get home~~
I'm in the gym working out and this pops up! Oh my gawd 0_0 drools:(:((
@funkystar25 that's good to hear!