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Ever get bored on your international flights? Some flights in Europe with British Airways now offer an alternative to the typical movie: you can watch footage from a 7 hour train ride. I guess the idea is that instead of feeling like you're trapped on a plane, you can feel like you're trapped on a train. Granted, the view is a bit more beautiful, but somehow I'm still not sold that I'd be into this movie. Dubbed "slow TV" the movie is supposed to be relaxing and calming.
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This sounds amazing! I've always preferred trains over planes, so I could pretend I was on a train ride instead of squished in an airplane! Love this idea~
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@nokcha at first I was like no way! but the more I think about it the more I feel like it might actually be really enjoyable!
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I feel like this would hypnotise me to sleep on a long flight, which would be awesome!
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I feel like my body would be so confused haha
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@caricakes right? I think I'd be totally asleep, really fast! @sophiamor I think your mind would over come it; thought it might be weird when turbulence hits!
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