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Taking advantage of free messaging and calling while traveling abroad is the best way to save some money. Most of these apps require the person you are calling to also have the app in order for calls to be free. All these links lead to the Play Store pages for download. 1. Facebook App - 2. Kakao Talk - 3. Line - 4. magicApp - 5. Nimbuzz Messenger - 6. Skype - 7. Tango Messenger - 8. Viber - 9. Yahoo Messenger - I would like to add: 10. WhatsApp - 11. Hangouts (Google) - Source:
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Awesome! I've never used Line, I will look into it :D thank you
@Nisfit i have KKT, Kik and Hangout but i was mostly using KKT until this past wkend, i just started using Line and im loving it, its very similar to KKT except Line has vid chat, (*_*)...@TechAtHeart i highly recommend you look into it.
@cheerfulcallie Line has video chat now?! How did I not know this? Thats awesome!
Of course the great wechat!
@GanghamLee I haven't used it, I'll check it out! ^_^