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"Love works in mysterious ways, but one of the most perplexing of dating mysteries is how we can suddenly go from intense attraction to intense repulsion when it comes to the same guy." I think we have all experienced this sentiment, be it with someone we're crushing on at work or even a long-term partner. Little things start to bother you that never bothered you before and it turns into full blown disgust. "In the beginning of a relationship, we look for reasons to like someone," says Carrie Cole, a couples therapist in the Houston area. "But if things have started to deteriorate in the relationship, we focus on our partner's bad qualities — it's called negative sentiment override." My advice would be to talk out the issues right when you begin to notice them so that you can both work on accepting each other's faults. Chances are, once you say what is bothering you out loud, you'll realize just how silly you sound!
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I catch myself being bothered by stupid things all the time! You just have to calm down and realize how dumb youre being haha
@sjeanyoon honestly that even happens with my family on vacations haha
Now you have me thinking back on all the idiots I had crushed on. I am just sitting here cringing haha
I agree with you that voicing your problems helps a lot. Once I look back on things that pissed me off I realise that it was actually me that was being annoying haha
This happens to me with my friends too. If I'm on holiday with them for too long weird traits start to drive me crazy!