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Even though airfare costs have already raised more than 6% since 2010, the TSA will implement additional fees beginning on July 21. Don't think you can escape these costs by taking extra connections, because that will just cost you even more. The TSA, who explained that TSA security fees do not currently cover their expenses, will be more than doubling mandatory fees. Each leg of a journey will now come with a fee of $5.60 each, and for any layover more than 4 hours for domestic flights or 12 hours for international flights, you will be charged for an additional leg. Even on a trip with just 2 connections, the cost will go up over 5%. The fees will especially hurt business travelers and budget travelers, who often go to multiple cities for business or to lower their overall ticket cost. The fees will be used to pay for additional security measures being implemented by the TSA, but could still be overturned by Congress. What do you think about these new fees?
This is ridiculous, air travel is already so expensive. It's not like the TSA have actually caught noteworthy terrorists anyway...
Not cool! I already have to pay an arm and a leg just to get my bags home during the holidays. I don't need to be paying more just to pass through 17 layers of security...
I am always trapped in the Chicago airport for an unGodly amount of time, and now they're going to charge me for it?! Not cool TSA, not cool.
@sophiamor thats a great question--what if the layover isnt our fault?? @nisfit somehow I dont think it'd be cheaper!
My tuition is going up and now my flight tickets?! This is NOT good news.
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