When it comes to your safety, why should you choose a safe driver in Dubai?

Professional safe drivers are experts in their field. These individuals are well-versed in their routes, have command of their vehicles, adhere to speed limits, and are well-versed in public transportation laws. Hire a Safe Driver in Dubai to take you anywhere you want to go. Essentially, a driver administration in Dubai is recommended so that you may arrive on time to your gathering, that party, or that important occasion! Such drivers are familiar with the roads and don't rely on maps as much as other drivers. When you enroll in the Safe Driver Dubai Services, you will never again be late for an exit! The Roads and Transport Body, a public authority entity in Dubai, authorizes and licenses the provision of driver services. As a result, capitalize on it.

Additionally, if you want to conduct a lengthy conversation over the phone, consider hiring a Safe Driver in Dubai. We urge you to organize your phone conversation in a similar fashion and to hire a driver to drive your vehicle while you quietly discuss that important matter with your coworkers. If you do not use your phone while driving, you can avoid paying large fines and running the risk of being involved in an accident. In the event that you are involved in a small accident while using your phone, your driving permit may be revoked by government officials in the United Arab Emirates. As a result, stay away from it! Driver Services in Dubai are dependable, and they can enroll in elective courses to ensure that you reach at your destination exactly on time. Furthermore, if you are having a private conversation in your vehicle with your family or with friends and relatives, these drivers will not bother you with their interruptions. They are, without a doubt, highly knowledgeable. To be honest with you, they don't say much to you! They keep their noses out of other people's problems, keep their eyes peeled for danger, and make it a priority to drive you wherever you need to go in safety.

Make your journey a safe and secure one by hiring a safe driver in Dubai.

Battling the traffic is far worse than beating the heat when stuck in traffic. In any event, a tranquil trip, a straightforward track, and a reasonable driver are the ideal configuration. Dubai's streets and transportation administration have strengthened street rules in the last couple of years, but there is a catch: fines for infractions that are not considered to be serious. A driver is responsible for your comfort divide in Dubai, but he is also responsible for dropping you off at your destination without charging you any further fees. A skilled safe driver is well-known in Dubai, especially with the new traffic regulations and fines. Professional driving organizations guarantee you Safe Driver Services in Dubai by keeping each and every one of the fundamentals in mind. So, by hiring a Safe Driver in Dubai from a reputable business, you can ensure that your trip will be entirely safe.

With reliable help for each and every one of the skilled businesses that put their faith in delivering a safe excursion with professional driving services, we feel that you should not be required to pay exorbitant sums of money in order to benefit from such administrations. The expert driving administrations may be contacted regardless of whether you're in Jabel Ali or Deira. You can also Hire a Safe Driver in Dubai regardless of where you are. These driving administrations are designed to get you to your destination quickly and effortlessly while you may hold a meeting or discuss the minutes of your meeting with your associates in the secondary lounge while you are driving. The Zoom meeting does not need that you visit a cafe on a regular basis in extraordinary circumstances. There is no need to seek for a place to halt. With an experienced and safe driver, you will wish to complete these tasks while you are seated in the secondary lounge of your car, taking advantage of that tranquilly drive on your way to the workplace! Continually use a safe driver in Dubai, particularly those who are equipped with hands-on preparedness when dealing with reckless drivers on the UAE's scenic roads.

Safe Driver Dubai

We at Safe Driver Dubai make every effort to ensure that you and your friends and family have a pleasant and enjoyable time on your excursions. By utilising our services, you may hire a safe driver in Dubai on an ongoing basis. One of our primary goals is to provide our clients with a problem-free and pleasant experience that will encourage them to return for future administrations. By hiring a Safe Driver in Dubai, our clients are able to work during their excursions and bring attention to critical issues, rather than wasting their valuable time and energy driving on the UAE's roads. Our Smart drivers are incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in the latest technological advancements, ensuring that you and your car arrive at your destination safely and on time. Because of the aid of a knowledgeable driver, you may acquire and finish your tasks more quickly as you exit the car, therefore reducing your liability to the driver himself or herself.

When it comes to business retreats, corporate events, family events, long-distance moves and excursions, team and staff daily drives, individual daily drives, and spontaneous adventures on the fly, we are the go-to experts. Our shrewd drivers are prepared for these situations and then more, should the need for their services arise. We strive to place you in the most flexible of situations that will allow you to be time-efficient and situationally effective at such times. To assist our clients in any situation, we have made the necessary moral and ethical adjustments. As a result, our insured drivers will meet all of your requirements and will assist you through any unexpected moving circumstances that may arise.

Final Words

Our smart drivers are the safest in Dubai, and we guarantee that you will have the finest travel experience of your life with us. As a result, you should immediately hire the best Safe Driver in Dubai from our driving administrations rather than looking for other options.
You can reach out to us at any time via phone. We are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or you may go through our online bookings to choose and hire a safe driver for your excursion on your own time.
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Best of Milan Super Private Tour https://whatsinitalytours.com/product/best-of-milan-super-private-tour/ The city with the most style icon is Milan, not only a place that is rich in ancient history but also the capital of fashionistas. Best of Milan Super Private Tour The city with the most style icon is Milan, not only a place that is rich in ancient history but also the capital of fashionistas. The Best of Milan Super Private Tour takes you on a journey to explore the historical art and architecture evident in the surroundings. The magnificent Duomo Milano is one of the largest churches in Italy, which represents the renaissance sea. The art galleries with exquisite paintings are a treat for art lovers. The natural beauty of the city also plays an important role in attracting tourists from all parts of the world. Full Description COVID-19 epidemiological emergency Updated: July 23, 2021 Important Announcement! As provided for by the Decree-Law 23 July 2021, n. 105 “Urgent measures to address the COVID-19 epidemiological emergency and for the safe exercise of social and economic activities”, from August 6th to December 31st. Access to cultural and recreational activities (cinemas, theatres, indoor or outdoor venues for events such as concerts or other kinds of events) will be granted only to individuals aged over 12 years, with a COVID-19 Green Certificate – Green Pass. As provided for by the Decree-Law 26 November 2021, n. 172 “Urgent measures to address the COVID-19 epidemiological emergency and for the safe exercise of social and economic activities”: – from November 29th, 2021 in the territories included in the yellow and orange area; – from December 6th, 2021 to January 15th, 2022 also in the territories included in the white area; Tour Details The private tour of Milan is a three-hour guided tour to explore the city of style icons. The guide is a professional and has excellent English-speaking skills. He can provide you with all the details of the sights to be visited on tour. The guide has skipped the line access to all the historical sights that require entrance tickets. He can also suggest the best place to dine for a meal. The tour is packed with exciting places which can double the wonder of all visitors. Duomo Cathedral The largest and top of the list is the Duomo Cathedral, Milan. The church took Six centuries to complete and had the chance of being designed by the architects of an ancient era as well as 20th-century architects. The gothic architecture stands out and inspires visitors every step of the way. The church can hold a congregation of 40,000 worshippers at one time. The paintings give the church an amazing effect that inspires most visitors. The stained glass windows make it a sight to behold. Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle ll The place was built in the nineteenth century, and it houses fashion brands and fancy restaurants. It is one of the most vibrant shopping arcades in Milan. The luxury brands like Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton have well-decorated shoos in this plaza. Many other brands have also displayed their designer clothing which makes it a shopping paradise. The restaurants with their fancy meals offer a great taste at less price. McDonald’s is also located in the plaza for visitors who crave fast food. The stunning architecture of the building makes it an interesting sight to visit along with the historical places. It comes within the trip as a breath of fresh air. Piazza Della Scala The Piazza Della Scala has the amazing Scala Theatre. The theatre has been in use since 1778, and many operas have been performed for a large audiences. The guide will share all the details related to the theatre. People having a liking for opera still go and attend live performances with much zeal. Brera District One of the happening places in Milan is the Brera District which has a large number of shops and cafes lined up according to the taste of the visitors. The local cuisine best served with style is the specialty here. Many fashion boutiques are found here, which makes it a treat to buy something unique for friends and family or the people themselves. The guide can share details of the finest restaurants and their special dishes. Castello Sforzesco which will be toured from the outside. The castle has many museums and galleries displaying ancient art, which is a sight to behold. The amazing architecture of the building makes it a wonder for visitors. The Last Supper The tour is not complete without paying homage to one of the masterpieces of art—the Last Supper, created by the great Leonardo Da Vinci. Though the guide has to skip the line access to the painting, there are so many groups that every group is given 15 minutes to admire the beautiful piece of art. The Last Supper is the highlight of the whole trip, and experiencing it up close gives an exciting feeling. Since the tour is private, the guide will share details about the painting to admire it even more. A one-of-a-kind exquisite piece of art is admired all over the world. Social distancing makes the tour free from people gathering up close, and masks are worn to ensure the safety of all visitors. Wrapping UP In the end, it can be said that the Best of Milan Private Supper tour should not be missed if given an opportunity. Milan is a mesmerizing city of fashion and style and also occupies places that are rich in ancient history. The tour, though it has three hours to explore Milan, it gives the visitors lifelong memories to cherish and remember all their lives. During your visit, you can look forward to: Regular temperature checks for employees Safe for children Sanitized for your safety Face masks are required for participants Ensures the safety of visitors and staff Updates travelers on any changes immediately Included Private, local, expert English-speaking guide Skip the Line Access, and a reserved ticket for the Last Supper Headsets when appropriate, so you can always hear your guide Not Included Gratuities
Florence: Uffizi Gallery Timed Entrance Tickets
Florence: Uffizi Gallery Timed Entrance Tickets https://whatsinitalytours.com/product/uffizi-gallery-timed-entrance-ticket/ Enjoy priority entry to Italy’s greatest art treasures with a reserved entrance ticket to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. See masterpieces by Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Giotto, and spend as much time as you like gazing at Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus.” Uffizi Gallery Timed Entrance Tickets Discover masterpieces of art at one of Italy’s (and the world’s) greatest art museums, and enjoy priority entrance at the world-famous Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Marvel at Italian Renaissance art by some of the greatest artists of all time. See paintings by Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Raffaello, Giotto, Cimabue, Masaccio, and others. Go to the gallery’s most renowned room to see the stunning collection by Botticelli. Admire his “Primavera” and “The Birth of Venus,” and reflect upon his representation of the birth of the goddess as she emerges from the sea foam. Escape the hassle and hurry of organized group tours, and explore at your own pace. You are free to stay inside the museum for as long as you like. Visitor’s Expectations Staff temperature checks are performed on a regular basis, and high-traffic areas are cleaned on a regular basis. Upon arrival, tour participants’ temperatures are checked. Travelers in public places must wear face masks. Throughout the encounter, social separation is reinforced. What’s included Reserved entrance ticket for the Uffizi Gallery Audio guide (if added as an add-on before checkout) Booking fee With the official Uffizi ticket, you can enter as well the Museum Opificio Delle Pietre Dure and the National Archaeological Museum of Florence Live tour guide Not Included Guide Hotel Pickup Food and Drinks. Not suitable for People with mobility impairments Wheelchair users
What is the difference between state solar subsidy scheme and national portal solar subsidy?
With the increasing electricity demand comes the problem of insufficient resources to support such usage. This can be especially difficult for low-income families who battle paying high electricity bills every month for basic household needs. To help ease this burden, the government has suggested solar energy as a renewable and more affordable option for electrical power. The growth of solar rooftops in India has been tremendous over the last few years. Residential rooftop solar accounts for roughly 20% of the overall rooftop mark. Residential installations have seen steady growth in the previous few years and have grown by 35% over the last year. The availability of subsidies and increased awareness of solar and its benefit is the primary catalyst for the growth of this sector This blog looks at the different subsidies available to you. Solar subsidies can improve affordability by reducing the cost of installing solar panels. If you’re thinking about installing solar panels, make sure to check out the different offerings that are available to you. State Solar Subsidy: The subsidy is available only for residential solar grid-connected systems (without batteries).  Commercial or industrial sectors are not eligible to avail of this scheme. Each DISCOM has benchmarked the rates at which solar companies can sell solar systems. The amount of subsidy available varies between 20-40% and depends on the system size. Details of the support are as below. System Capacity (kW) Solar Subsidy (in %) Up to 3kW 40% Above 3kW and Up to 10kW 40% up to 3kW 20% thereafter National Portal Solar Subsidy: Under the national portal solar subsidy scheme, the government offers a fixed subsidy depending on the system size you wish to install. The detail of the subsidy is as mentioned below. Solar System Capacity Applicable Subsidy Up to 3kW ₹14,588 per kW Above 3kW and up to 10kW ₹14,588 per kW up to 3kW ₹7,294 per kW thereafter 10kW and above ₹94,822 fixed amount irrespective of system size How to apply online for national portal solar subsidy: Step 1: Download Sandes App & Register Step 2: Login and apply for the Rooftop Solar as per the form Step 3: Wait for the feasibility approval from DISCOM. Once you get the feasibility approval to install the system from any of the registered vendors in your DISCOM Step 4: Once installation is over, submit the plant details and apply for a net meter Step 5: After installation of the net meter and inspection by DISCOM, they will generate a commissioning certificate from the portal Step 6: Once you get the commissioning report submit bank account details and a canceled cheque through the portal. The subsidy will come to your account within 30 working days Difference between the national subsidy scheme & State scheme Under State Scheme, the customer pays only the post-subsidy price to the solar company (Total Price — Subsidy amount). The solar company claims the subsidy amount from the government post-installation. In National Portal Scheme, customers apply for solar subsidies through National Portal. The subsidy amount is transferred to their bank account within 30 days of solar system commissioning. The customer will initially pay the entire amount to the solar company. Adopting solar energy for your home does not have to be a complicated process — Freyr Energy is here to help make it as easy as possible. We take care of all necessary documentation and approval processes, whether central or state subsidy. We hope it has been a worthwhile read, and if you have any other questions or concerns about state and national solar subsidies, please get in touch with us anytime at sales@freyrenergy.com.
Zeo Taxi Pages List for Taxi Booking
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Priority Colosseum Entrance Tickets: Roman Forum and Palatine Hill
Do you want to get Colosseum Priority Entrance Tickets, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill, and you don’t want to spend long hours standing in lines? Then you are exactly at the right place. Start preparing for your Colosseum experience as you are not far from it anymore. https://whatsinitalytours.com/product/colosseum-entrance-tickets/ Priority Colosseum Entrance Tickets Do you want to get priority entrance tickets to Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill, but do not want to spend long hours standing in lines? Then you are exactly at the right place. Start packing for your tour because you are not far from it anymore. You can book Colosseum tickets online with just few clicks. Full Description of Colosseum Entrance Tickets & Tour COVID-19: Travel safely Updated: Aug 6, 2021 Get Your Priority Colosseum Entrance Tickets With Us There is no doubt that the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill have been an attraction for tourists for many years because of their incredible history and archeology, but sometimes getting tickets becomes difficult because of the overcrowding of visitors. But with us, you will not have to postpone your plan, as we will provide you with the priority Colosseum and Roman Forum tickets from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is sit on your comfy chair, and look out for the possible booking of your Colosseum Rome tickets with us within excellent price and facilities that we provide to our visitors. Additionally, keeping the Covid-19 in mind, we have made specific changes to ensure your and your family’s health by all means. Want to know more? Let’s start. What Are The Highlights of Colosseum Rome Tickets & Tours? It does not matter whether you are a lover of history or not, a glimpse of the Colosseum will surely make you wow at its massive construction that was done years ago when no modern equipment was present. The best thing to be amazed is that it still stands as glory despite being damaged by the harshness of time. Roman Forum does not just offer you some mere high-rise pillars; instead, you will witness with your eyes the public places and churches that were built a hundred years ago. Palatine Hills is one of the archeological places of Rome that has hidden its origin in itself. Palatine Hill represents many excavations that might have been used for funerary during the 7th and 9th centuries BC. You will witness the lives and history of people that had lived and ended their lives on these hills that are 40 meters above the ground. What You Can Expect During Your Visit Staff will be checked regularly for their temperature; if any staff member has a high fever, they will not attend to the visitors. High rush areas will be sanitized frequently to ensure cleanliness. All the tour participants will be checked for their temperature on arrival. Full-time free availability of sanitizer for all the visitors and staff members. Proper sanitization of the vehicles that are to be used for the tour. Face masks will be compulsory for tour guides and visitors to avoid any kind of virus transfer. Any type of pieces of equipment that will be used during the tour will be adequately sanitized before each shift. Social distancing will be ensured throughout the tour to ensure the safety of everyone. Why You Should Book Colosseum Tickets Online From us? Skip the Line Mobile Tickets Not Included Access to Colosseum Arena Floor Tour Guide Hotel Pickup Food and Drinks. Not suitable for People with mobility impairments Wheelchair users
Dự báo thời tiết thời tiết thị xã Kỳ Anh Hà Tĩnh
 Kỳ Anh được biết đến là một huyện ở vùng ven biển phía Đông Nam của tỉnh Hà Tĩnh. Với vị trí địa lý vô cùng thuận lợi, có dãy Hoành Sơn và Đèo Ngang nổi tiếng, có đường bờ biển dài 63km, nơi đây có rất nhiều điểm du lịch hấp dẫn thu hút du khách. Không chỉ có khung cảnh thiên nhiên tươi đẹp, nơi đây còn hấp dẫn du khách bởi các món ngon, các địa điểm vui chơi thú vị và cả những nét văn hóa mang tính đặc trưng. Sau đây, chúng ta sẽ cùng tìm hiểu các địa điểm du lịch tuyệt đẹp. Vị trí địa lý và đặc điểm thời tiết Kỳ Anh Hà Tĩnh  Huyện Kỳ Anh tọa lạc ở phía Đông Nam tỉnh Hà Tĩnh. Vị trí địa lý của Kỳ Anh cực kỳ thuận lợi để phát triển du lịch. Nơi đây có dãy núi Trường Sơn hùng vĩ, đèo Ngang thơ mộng và bãi biển dài 63km.  Với phong cảnh “sơn thủy hữu tình”, Kỳ Anh hứa hẹn mang đến cho du khách nhiều trải nghiệm du lịch tuyệt vời khi đến nơi đây. Vị trí địa lý huyện Kỳ Anh  Kỳ Anh là một huyện có diện tích tương đối rộng. Tuy nhiên, hầu hết diện tích nơi đây đều là đồi núi.  Huyện Kỳ Anh là một chi cuối của dãy núi Trường Sơn Bắc mọc lấn ra biển. Bên cạnh đó, phía Nam của huyện có dãy núi Hoành Sơn. Đây là dãy núi bao phủ gần như địa bàn toàn huyện. Vì thế, huyện Kỳ Anh còn được biết đến là một núi “Hoành Sơn” thu nhỏ.  Xác định địa giới của huyện Kỳ Anh cụ thể như sau: Phía Đông: Kỳ Anh giáp với Biển Đông. Phía Nam và Đông Nam: Kỳ Anh giáp với thị xã Kỳ Anh và tỉnh Quảng Bình Phía Bắc và Tây Bắc: Kỳ Anh giới với huyện Cẩm Xuyên, tỉnh Hà Tĩnh. Về địa hình, bề mặt huyện Kỳ Anh bị bào mòn dữ dội. Do đó, núi ở Kỳ Anh chỉ có độ cao trung bình khoảng 200 - 500m (trừ một vài ngọn núi ở Hoành Sơn). Hệ thống đồi núi bị san phẳng giúp địa hình nơi đây thấp hơn khá nhiều so với các huyện miền núi khác.  Địa hình đồi thấp tạo điều kiện thuận lợi để huyện Kỳ Anh phát triển cơ sở hạ tầng giao thông. Huyện có Quốc lộ 1 chạy dọc địa bàn với chiều dài 56km. Bên cạnh đó, Kỳ Anh còn có Quốc lộ 12 nối liền với cửa khẩu Cha Lo.  Hiện nay, huyện Kỳ Anh đang đẩy mạnh thi công dự án Đường cao tốc Hà Tĩnh - Quảng Bình. Tuyến đường này hứa hẹn giúp nơi đây phát triển kinh tế và thúc đẩy các hoạt động giao lưu du lịch, văn hóa,... Các đơn vị hành chính ở Kỳ Anh Hà Tĩnh Huyện Kỳ Anh hiện nay có 20 đơn vị hành chính cấp xã trực thuộc, bao gồm 20 xã. Dưới đây là một số thông tin về huyện Kỳ Anh tỉnh Hà Tĩnh: Vùng: Bắc Trung Bộ Thành lập: 1836 Diện tích: 761.62 km² Dân số: 120.518 người (2018) Mật độ: 161 người/km² Du Lịch Bãi Đá Kỳ Xuân Bãi đá Kỳ Xuân là nơi hội tụ đầy đủ cái nắng, cái gió mang bốn mùa Xuân, Hạ, Thu, Đông của dải đất hình chữ S. Với vẻ đẹp nguyên sơ, nước biển trong xanh và bờ cát vàng mịn màng, bãi đá Kỳ Xuân Hà Tĩnh là một trong những địa điểm lý tưởng thu hút khách du lịch về tắm biển, nghỉ dưỡng vào những mùa hè nắng nóng.  Bãi biển nằm dựa lưng vào các ngọn núi xanh, thấp thoáng bên cạnh là những ngôi làng chài nhỏ khiến cho phong cảnh núi non, biển cả trở nên hấp dẫn, hữu tình hơn bao giờ hết. Chắc chắn, khi đến đây bạn sẽ không thể không trầm trồ. Bãi Biển Hoành Sơn  Bãi biển Hoành Sơn được biết đến là một trong những điểm đến vô cùng hấp dẫn, đặc biệt với những ai yêu thích sự phiêu lưu, mạo hiểm. Là một bãi biển nằm ẩn bên trong của dãy núi Hoành Sơn, nơi đây được thiên nhiên vô cùng ưu ái bởi có khí hậu vô cùng mát mẻ, nước biển trong xanh, khung cảnh hoang sơ và rất thơ mộng, trữ tình.  Bãi biển Hoành Sơn tuy nhỏ hẹp những chính nhờ các bãi đá ôm nhau trải dọc ngoài biển đã tạo nên một bức tranh vô cùng hùng vĩ và hoang sơ. Vào những buổi chiều khi hoàng hôn buông xuống, nếu có thể dạo bước khắp bãi biển nơi đây thì thật thú vị phải không nào? C-Resort Kỳ Xuân, Kỳ Anh, Hà Tĩnh Tọa lạc trên bãi biển Kỳ Xuân, Kỳ Anh Hà Tĩnh, C-Resort hứa hẹn là một địa điểm lý tưởng để giải trí và nghỉ dưỡng vô cùng hấp dẫn. Với diện tích rộng hơn 6ha, nằm trên bãi biển Kỳ Xuân tuyệt đẹp, C-Resort đang tạo nên một diện mạo mới mẻ, hấp dẫn cho cảnh biển nơi đây, mở ra tiềm năng mới giúp phát triển du lịch địa phương trong thời gian sắp tới.  Nước biển trong xanh, bức tranh phong cảnh hữu tình cùng với các bãi tắm biển có bờ cát trắng trải dài uốn lượn là những đặc điểm thu hút du khách khi đặt chân đến đây. Các mỏm đá nhấp nhô theo nhiều hình thù đa dạng khác nhau làm mê hoặc ánh nhìn cho níu chân những du khách đến đây nghỉ dưỡng và du lịch. Khu Ẩm Thực Mực Nhảy Vũng Áng Đến với Kỳ Anh Hà Tĩnh, khu ẩm thực mực nhảy Vũng Áng, thôn Hải Phong, xã Kỳ Lợi, thị xã Kỳ Anh là một trong những địa điểm lý tưởng mà du khách không thể nào bỏ qua khi đến đây. Nơi đây không chỉ hấp dẫn du khách bởi món mực nhảy nổi tiếng mà còn thu hút ánh nhìn của thực khách bởi không gian thơ mộng, hệ thống nhà hàng thoáng mát, sạch sẽ, luôn lưu giữ hương thơm. Khu Bảo Tồn Thiên Nhiên Kẻ Gỗ Khu bảo tồn thiên nhiên kẻ gỗ tọa lạc trên 3 huyện Hương Khê, Kỳ Anh và Cẩm Xuyên. Khu bảo tồn có diện tích khoảng 35,159ha, nằm cách trung tâm thị xã Hà Tĩnh tầm 20km. Đây là công trình đại thủy nông tưới cho gần 17.000 ha lúa. Đồng thời, đây còn là nơi cung cấp nguồn thực phẩm vô cùng dồi dào cho các vùng dân cư nơi đây.  Khu bảo tồn thiên nhiên Kẻ Gỗ nằm len lỏi giữa các triền núi, được bao phủ bởi rừng kín với nhiều loại cây gỗ quý hiếm như lim, trầm hương…Những cánh rừng ngập nước đã góp phần tạo nên nguồn sinh thái quyển phong phú và đa dạng. Là khu hệ thực vật phong phú, rừng Kẻ Gỗ cũng là xứ sở của các loại mộc lan, phong lan đẹp và quý. Từ lâu, Kẻ Gỗ đã thu hút đông đảo các nhà khoa học trong và ngoài nước đến đây nghiên cứu. Kỳ Hoa Hải Khẩu Kỳ Hoa hải khẩu là nơi diễn ra nhiều sự kiện lịch sử quan trọng, là cửa sông, cửa bể trọng yếu ở nước ta. Nơi đây không chỉ lưu giữ những giá trị văn hóa tinh thần được xây dựng bởi cư dân bản xứ mà còn là nơi lưu trữ nhiều sự tích, huyền thoại cùng với sự kiện lịch sử quan trọng của đất nước. Tận dụng những tiềm năng của vùng cửa bể, người dân xã Kỳ Ninh ngày nay không chỉ bám biển mà còn sáng tạo rất nhiều ngành nghề liên quan đến chế biến thủy hải sản, chài lưới …biến nơi đây thành bàn đạp để làm giàu từ những lợi thế của biển cả. Đền Chế Thắng Phu Nhân Nguyễn Thị Bích Châu Đền chế thắng phu nhân Nguyễn Thị Bích Châu  được xây dựng khoảng cuối thế kỷ XV ở làng Hải Khẩu, tổng Hoằng Lễ (nay là xã Kỳ Ninh), thờ bà Nguyễn Cơ Bích Châu -cung phi của vua Trần Vệ Tông. Trải qua bao nhiêu năm thăng trầm, đền thờ chế thắng phu nhân Nguyễn Thị Bích Châu vẫn luôn được nhân dân địa phương giữ gìn, bảo quản, tôn tạo và ngày đêm hương khói. Năm 1991, đền thờ được Bộ Văn hóa -Thông tin xếp hạng Di tích lịch sử -Danh lam thắng cảnh cấp quốc gia. Hằng năm cứ đến tháng 2 Âm lịch, nhân dân địa phương và cả du khách trên cả nước lại tấp nập về để tế lễ, tưởng nhớ đến ngày mất của chế thắng phu nhân Nguyễn Thị Bích Châu, cầu phúc cho người thân, gia đình và bản thân. Trên đây là một số địa điểm du lịch lý tưởng ở Kỳ Anh Hà Tĩnh. Hy vọng có thể giúp bạn và gia đình có những lựa chọn phù hợp khi có dịp đặt chân đến vùng đất xinh đẹp này. Nguồn: top10hatinh Xem thời tiết Kỳ Anh Hà Tĩnh tại: https://thoitiet24h.vn/cac-tinh-thanh/ha-tinh/ky-anh
French Museums Donate Over 300 Works to the Louvre Abu Dhabi
Positioned to open sometime next year, the Louvre Abu Dhabi - a satellite location of the famed Louvre in Paris - has spent nearly a decade being one of the most buzzed about happenings in the art world. And opening day draws near, the museum has officially begun accepting work into its galleries to become a part of its permanent collection. So far, over 300 artworks have been donated by various French museums, including the Musée d’Orsay, Centre Pompidou, Château de Versailles, and Musée Rodin. Among them are paintings by Albrecht Dürer, Jean Louis David, Leonardo da Vinci, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Wassily Kandinsky, Mark Rothko, Joan Mitchell, and Andy Warhol. In the attached pictures, I've provided a little preview of some of the works that have already been sent to the museum: Photo 1: Leonardo da Vinci, "Woman Portrait," also called "La Belle Ferronnière," wood (noyer) Photo 2: Jacques-Louis David, "Napoleon Crossing the Alps" (1803), oil on canvas Photo 3: Mask, Mexico, Basin of Mexico (150–550 CE), black stone Photo 4: Pair of gui vessels, China (11th century BCE), bronze Photo 5: Vincenzo Coronelli, Globe (1697) Photo 6: Claude Monet, "La gare Saint-Lazare" (1877), oil on canvas Photo 7: Masque anthropo-zoomorphe d’mba (Anthropo-zoomorphic mask of D’mba), Masque d’épaules (Shoulder mask) D’mba, Guinée, Baga (early 20th century) wood, plant fibers, metal Photo 8: Vincent van Gogh, "Self-portrait" (1887), oil on canvas
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The bleeding and cramping can start within an hour or two, but it's often not until later that you'll feel the need to use the second dose. If you don't pass clots after two hours (or if you do and they're still in your uterus), then use another 4 pills of Mifepristone—the abortion pill (aka RU-486). If you are still pregnant after the second dose, then contact your doctor immediately so that he/she can determine whether there's anything else that can be done for you. Answer: The pregnancy bleeding can begin after taking mifepristone. You may start to bleed after taking mifepristone. This bleeding can continue for up to two hours after the abortion pill has been taken. If you don't start bleeding within this time frame, talk with your doctor or call a hotline for more information about what to do next. If you are having trouble getting pregnant from sex, there are ways that can help increase your chances of getting pregnant again: Consistently using birth control (such as condoms) Trying another form of birth control such as an intrauterine device (IUD) or implantation hormone treatment (IGT) Question 2: What if I don't pass any clots or bleeding doesn’t start after two hours after taking misoprostol tablet? If you don't pass any clots or bleeding doesn’t start after two hours after taking misoprostol tablet, use the second dose of 4 pills. If bleeding still doesn't start after 2 hours, call your doctor. If you have severe abdominal pain, call your doctor immediately. Answer: If you don't pass clots or bleeding doesn't start after two hours of using misoprostol, then you can use the second dose of 4 pills. If you don't pass clots or bleeding doesn't start after two hours of using misoprostol, then you can use the second dose of 4 pills. 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Yes, you can take mild painkiller such as ibuprofen before and after the abortion. However, if you have a history of ulcers or stomach bleeding, talk to your doctor before taking any kind of medicine. Although ibuprofen is considered safe for most people to use during pregnancy, it should not be taken if you have kidney disease or are allergic to the drug (in rare cases). Question 4: Do I need to get a follow-up done after my abortion (Cheap MTP Kit) procedure is complete? You'll need to follow-up with your doctor after the abortion (Cheap MTP Kit). This is a standard procedure, and it's important for anyone who has an abortion to make sure that their procedure was successful. If there are any complications with the process of completing an abortion, you can be confident that they will be addressed immediately so that you can get on with your life without worrying about them. 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the WhatWhatWhats in Italy Tours Private Day Trips from Rome With Whats in Italy Tourshttps://whatsinitalytours.com/ Rome, the capital of Italy, is a beautiful city home to a plethora of attractions for tourists. Many amazing temptations are located nearby, which are best for day trips from Rome. This is why it is flocked by tourists from all around the world each year. The windy sea breeze at Ostia, the cool air of Tivoli, and the lavish villas built at the Alban Hills are some of the attractions we can help you explore through our day trips from Rome. Experience Art, History, Adventure & Beauty All Together Rome was once roamed by emperors, cardinals, popes, and the city’s merchants. It is the best place to serve as a base for day trips to Capri, Pompeii, the Bay of Naples, Amalfi Coast, Florence, and the Hill Towns of Tuscany. The locations are full of art, history, natural beauty, mesmerizing landscapes, hills, and architecture. All this makes Rome worth visiting, especially the day trips. What do We Cover in Our Day Trips from Rome? Day trips from Rome by Whats In Italy Tours cover all the famous locations such as: Ostia: The historic excavated city depicting imperial Rome Tivoli: Famous for the UNESCO world heritage sites Pompeii: The second-largest excavated city, Mount Vesuvius – Beautiful & Stunning Views The Amalfi Coast: Famous for the amazing ride  The Island of Capri: One of the most beautiful in the world. We also include many other places, but these are among the most in demand by tourists from all around the world. Facilities Covered in Day Trips from Rome by Whats In Italy Tours What's In Italy Tours wants to make your day trip from Rome as memorable and enjoyable as you want it to be. This is why we have included all the necessary facilities to ensure a smooth, safe, and full of fun tour for you and your family. Air-Conditioned Buses All our day trips are covered by air-conditioned coaches to easily transport you to and back to Rome. Tour Guide An English Speaking Tour Guide to assist you along the entire trip in sharing the site’s history and all the important landmarks that are a must-see. Covid-19 SOPs Safety arrangements & following of SOPs to ensure safe and secure travel during the pandemic. Small Groups We offer facilities and make arrangements for up to a group of 20 to 30 people. Special Discounts We also include special discounts and offers from time to time. Subscribe to our mailing list and stay in touch with our updates and special discounts for your favorite day trips. Book one or more of Your Day Trips from Rome Today! Rome’s scenic locations, deep history, fascinating art, mind-blowing architecture, rich culture, and delicious meals combined with all our modern-day tour facilities are available at an unbeatable price to ensure a lovely time for you and your friends! Then what are you waiting for? Waste no time and book one of your day trips from Rome with Whats In Italy Tours to have a lifetime journey!
Semi-Private Skip the Line Sistine Chapel, Vatican Tour
skip-the-lineand emi-privateSemi-PrivateThe Vatican Museums, which house some of the world’s most famous paintings, draw massive audiences on a regular basis. The Vatican Museums house a massive art collection that spans nine miles and 1400 rooms. It’s hard to see them all in one day. https://whatsinitalytours.com/product/skip-line-vatican-sistine-chapel-tour/ Semi-Private Skip-the-Line Vatican Tour The Vatican Museums, which house some of the world’s most famous paintings, draw massive audiences on a regular basis. The Vatican Museums house a massive art collection that spans nine miles and 1400 rooms. It’s hard to see them all in one day. This skip the line Sistine Chapel tour, Raphael’s Rooms, and free admission to St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome will save you hours of waiting. “We enjoy it here, and hopefully you do as well.” It is necessary to bring identification or a passport to the gate for verification when you book our skip the line Vatican tour. Attention Please If you are a student between the ages of 18 and 25, and you have your school or university ID, please choose “Youth” when booking our service. Full Description COVID-19: Travel Safely Updated: Aug 6, 2021 All visitors above the age of 12 will be required to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test taken within the previous 48 hours as of August 6th in museums and archaeological sites across Italy. Please keep in mind that the documents must be accompanied by a recognized form of identification. Guests who arrive without the proper documents on the day of the activity risk being unable to take part in activities and will not be able to get a refund. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any additional information regarding Vatican Museum tickets skip the line. Visitor’s Expectations • Regular temperature checks for personnel • Regular sanitization of high-traffic areas • Upon arrival, tour participants’ temperatures are checked; and travelers and staff have access to hand sanitizer. • Transportation vehicles are regularly cleaned. • Guides must wear face masks in public places. • After each use, the gear/equipment must be cleaned. • Travelers in public locations are required to wear face masks. • Social isolation is imposed throughout the engagement. What’s included in Our Skip the Line Sistine Chapel & Vatican Tour Entry/Admission – Vatican Museums Entry/Admission – Sistine Chapel Entry/Admission – St. Peter’s Basilica Quality types of headsets to hear the guide clearly (for big groups only) Live Tour Guide Not Included No Live Guide in St. Peter’s Basilica Hotel Pickup Food and Drinks. Not suitable for People with mobility impairments Wheelchair users