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Vancouver man, devastated over lost bike, goes for a drive to clear his head — and ends up tailing the guy who stole it
Chris Hilliard was just another victim of bicycle crime until he decided to do something about it. While asleep at 4:30am on Friday, July 4th, his $600 GT Traffic bicycle was stolen after someone cut the lock. Hilliard awoke from the cut of the lock. Despite the urges of his wife, he was not able to go back to sleep, and instead went to go on a drive. Low and behold, while driving through town Hilliard spotted his bike and tailed the suspect. Heading the warning of his wife, Hilliard called the police. The thief was arrested and Hilliard returned home with his bike, to the disbelief of his wife.
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That's karma for you! Way to go Chris!
3 years ago·Reply
What are the odds!? That's a happy ending haha
3 years ago·Reply
I don't know if I would have been as smart as this guy. I probably would have confronted the thief.
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