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BLACKPINK Confirmed to Attend Paris Fashion Week

All BLACKPINK (Black Pink) members will return to Paris, France. It has been confirmed that BLACKPINK's Jennie will be arriving at Incheon International Airport for her flight to Paris on September 29 to attend "Paris Fashion Week S/S 2022", a global fashion show that started on September 27.

As a Chanel Global Ambassador, Jennie is planning to attend the Chanel Collection event on October 5 after completing other personal schedules. After completing her schedule in Paris, Jennie will return to Korea on October 7.

Jisoo, who left for Paris on September 25, will return to Korea on October 5 after attending the Dior Collection as Global Ambassador on September 28. On September 27, Jisoo recently shared moments of her daily life in Paris by posting a picture of the Eiffel Tower on her Instagram.

Rose, who also left Korea for Paris on the same day as Jisoo, will arrive in Korea on September 30. It was reported that Rosé also completed her personal schedule with Jisoo and her photoshoot. The Saint Laurent Collection, which Rosé will attend as Global Ambassador, is scheduled for the same day as the Dior Collection.

BLACKPINK's last member, Lisa, will be leaving for Paris on October 4. Lisa is also known as Global Ambassador Celine. However, it is not uncommon for Celine not to hold a collection for Paris Fashion Week this time.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK has been targeting the United States market and enhancing their brand reputation in this country. They appear in various leading fashion shows and popular broadcasting programs and also perform their individual schedules in the US. Moreover, they have even built a "golden network" as they often flaunt their friendship with many American celebrities.

Netizens pay attention to what each BLACKPINK member will do at Paris Fashion Week. BLACKPINK, who has emerged as the world's most popular girl group, is attracting great attention from fans as well as people working in the fashion industry for their activities in Paris.

An official from the fashion industry stated, "Since every BLACKPINK member is active as a global ambassador for a famous brand, attending Paris Fashion Week will have a big impact on their popularity. This proves that they have a high status in KPOP and have a great interest in fashion."

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