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Job Portal Mobile App Development Cost And Key Features

In today’s era, finding the right job for the right candidates is not an easy task anymore. Gone are the days when you could go from office to office dropping your job queries and applications. There are high chances that your query may not even go pass the main gate of the office. Similar is the scenario with employers who don’t have enough time to screen through the pile of CVs of applicants and cannot go for the physical search of candidates.
With the penetration of the internet, this problem is greatly resolved by online job boards or job portals. But, due to increasing use of smartphones, people are shifting from web-based job boards to Mobile apps, which enables a lot of convenience to both job seekers and employers.
Every job board software is trying to get a maximum number of users by providing many distinctive features compared to others, which resulted in many PHP job board software with unique features to help developers. They can now create mobile job apps with new features and options for users in low cost.

Basic features of job finder mobile app

For Job Applicants

Resume writing : Enabling job seekers to write or upload resume supporting various formats, and import options with the local source or online.
Job search and job alert : Applicants can search for desired job advertisements based on the keyboards. They can also set a custom job post alert based on their profile and desired profile. It helps them updated whenever there is a job posted matching their experience and requirements and never miss the opportunity.
Apply for job : Candidate can apply for a job with our without registration on the site by giving the details and uploading resume.
Profile view alert : This feature notifies users whenever a prospective employer visits their profile or downloads their resume.
Bookmark or save job : This is also an important feature by which applicants can save the job for applying later or searching jobs in the future with similar keywords.
Share : By this feature, a job post can be shared with a more suitable candidate who can encash the opportunity.

For Recruiters

Job posting : This works best as recruitment software. Users can post their jobs under this section for the number of vacancies and can specify the requirements related to profile including experience, qualification, pay package, etc.
Job editing : Allows recruiters to edit details related to job post like the number of positions left, add or edit requirements, etc.
Email Job notifications : Apart from displaying the post on the web app, enables automatic email of the same to suitable candidates to inform them about it.
Shortlist candidates : Recruiters can shortlist the candidates which suits their requirement best and proceed with them for next step.
Resume search from the database : Since the number of job seekers is huge, it is not practical to screen every resume to check the suitability of the applicant, this feature helps automatic filtering of candidates as per requirement and contact them.
Resume download : Recruits can download the resume of the candidates which matches their requirement best.
job portal software

For Admin

Job ad management : All the jobs posted by recruiters on various platforms are linked and managed by admin.
Employer and candidate profile : All the information related to employer, company and job seeker are saved, managed and, verified by admin to keep fake profiles away.
Job seeker and Employer statistics : Automatic publishing and notification of job posts, applications and job search are monitored and analysed within the app.
Data publish based on trends : On a regular basis trends like most searched jobs, companies, type of education, average salary etc., are analysed and published to both employers and job seekers. This helps in the modification of search words and a refined recruitment process.

Cost of Job Portal app development

Though the cost of app development depends on various factors like the number of features, type of interface and storage capacity, OS platform etc., the cost cannot be estimated fully by developers in the beginning since it increases with increase in features.
Therefore, most of the mobile app developers charge on hourly basis. The average cost ranges approximately from $25 to $45 an hour. This generally includes the cost of UI/ UX development. There may be additional costs depending on data to be stored depending on physical or cloud servers, payment gateway charges, analytics, affiliation, etc. So, if you are looking to get an effective job boarding software, then contact the expert team of Logicspice. We have years of experience in providing some of the best solutions to our clients, depending on their vivid requirements.  
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Foldable houses - Discover A-FOLD's revolutionary prefabricated foldable modular wooden houses: they're affordable, sustainable, durable and build in record time. Prefabricated modular wooden homes and glamping answers A-FOLD Houses is an progressive modular production gadget for residential and traveller use. A-FOLD prefabricated wooden houses and glamping fashions are custom-built to fulfill every want for space, design and price range. With our modular timber homes it is simple and very speedy to create a comfy surroundings to live in, which mixes excessive functional functions with the architectural value of Italian layout. The line of glamping fashions with the aid of A-FOLD responds to the brand new idea of tourism and is designed for all travelers searching out comfort and layout even on vacation. The project as a manufacturer of prefabricated wooden houses is to innovate the prefabricated building area through smart initiatives and contemporary production methods. The sturdiness of a modular wooden residence How long does a timber residence ultimate? Is the lifespan of a wooden residence akin to that of a overdue concrete or metal structure? These are of the most common questions we are asked via our clients and more commonly by means of people who decide to approach the development of a wooden building. Foldable homes In order to reply them, we should first clarify the regulatory framework inside which we flow and separate the duty of the builder to the client from the greater standard idea of a building’s rated lifestyles (NV). Regarding the guarantee at the property that the builder ought to necessarily offer to the purchaser, the reference widespread is Article 1669 Civil Code. The organisation that executed the construction paintings on the belongings can be required to guarantee the immunity from defects of the property for 10 years Interior of a modular timber house A-FOLD from the of completion of the work. But what are the extreme defects protected by using the ten-12 months warranty? The Supreme Court has clarified that serious defects of the property, as such eligible to prompt the 10-12 months warranty, are the ones changes that have an effect on its normal leisure, capability and habitability. These are defects that, whilst now not being impeding using the property, render the building uninhabitable or of painful habitation and anyways drastically lessen its value. Website: - https://www.a-fold.com/?lang=en
Hire A Hacker | Ethical Hackers For Hire | Anonymous Hack
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HappyFresh Business Model – Check Out Its Easy Ops Here
Launched in 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia, HappyFresh created a revolution in the grocery shopping, and ordering process for customers. Courtesy of its possession of a unique business and revenue model, followed by having extremely easy operations, the app saw its prominence growing manifold. It in fact went on to entice the attention of those who until now were running an offline grocery store. With the market having a billion-dollar potential, it goes without saying that there are a diverse array of factors that in fact are responsible for the app’s popularity skyrocketing, and most important, encouraging new grocery business owners to develop something along similar lines. Here’s why this is happening. WorkFlow of HappyFresh App The HappyFresh grocery delivery app has extremely easy operations which have been listed by us in the pointers below- * Customer enters the app, taps on items they want, and places order upon including date, time, and address. * Order is received at the store which immediately accepts it and gets the driver on board to perform order pickup. * The delivery driver receives order pickup detail containing details of the store, the payment stream used for paying, and so on. * The driver reaches the store and picks up the order upon which the customer gets notified. * Customer and delivery drivers can track each other in real-time. * Delivery driver provides delivery and the customer provides a rating for the overall shopping experience through the app. Unique Business Model By partnering with 278 supermarkets alongside containing over 100,000 items, it helps in ensuring smooth grocery delivery services. Alongside, as a result of employing personal shoppers, the process of grocery shopping takes place seamlessly as a result of the connection between customers and stores. Moving On Courtesy of the factors that are highlighted by us above, alongside the points stated above; it has enticed the attention of those who plan to give their grocery business the digital touch. To perform this with precision, keep the steps such as the ones listed below in mind during grocery delivery app development services. Steps to Follow to Develop HappyFresh Like App * Choose an appropriate revenue stream from different ones like commissions, sales, and the marginal cost of what customers pay. * Research the needs and concerns of the target audience to gain insight into an app design strategy. * Use technologies that have been around for a long so the app functions seamlessly and smoothly. * Get the HappyFresh clone to serve future businesses and customers seamlessly. Make modifications easily and earn more customers. Wrapping Up With this, we have covered all the aspects related to HappyFresh; citing the business model and the operations which have enticed the attention of those running an offline grocery store. In case you are among one of them, check out how to perform grocery delivery app services with the HappyFresh app clone in this comprehensive guide to earn returns like never before, and ensure smooth grocery delivery services. Read this article and get the idea of the recipe for creating a profitable grocery venture along the lines of the HappyFresh app. Read More: HappyFresh Like Grocery App Development – Steps, Features, Cost
Ekspedisi Antar Pulau
Jasa ekspedisi antar pulau adalah jenis jasa pengiriman barang yang melayani pengiriman barang dari satu pulau ke pulau lain di Indonesia. Dalam era globalisasi saat ini, jasa ekspedisi antar pulau sangat dibutuhkan untuk menunjang kegiatan perdagangan dan bisnis. Salah satu keunggulan dari jasa ekspedisi antar pulau adalah dapat mengirim barang dengan cepat dan aman. Jasa ekspedisi ini menyediakan berbagai jenis pengiriman, mulai dari pengiriman reguler hingga pengiriman ekspres. Selain itu, jasa ekspedisi antar pulau juga menyediakan jasa asuransi untuk barang yang dikirim, sehingga barang yang dikirim akan aman dan terjamin. Jasa ekspedisi antar pulau juga menyediakan jasa pengiriman barang dari pulau ke pulau dengan menggunakan berbagai moda transportasi, seperti laut, udara, dan darat. Hal ini memungkinkan pelanggan untuk menentukan moda transportasi yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan dan budget yang dimiliki. Selain itu, jasa ekspedisi antar pulau juga menyediakan layanan pelacakan barang. Dengan layanan ini, pelanggan dapat melacak posisi barang yang dikirim dan memastikan barang yang dikirim sampai dengan selamat. Jasa ekspedisi antar pulau sangat bermanfaat bagi para pelaku bisnis yang ingin mengirim barang ke pulau lain di Indonesia. Jasa ekspedisi ini memungkinkan barang yang dikirim tiba dengan cepat dan aman serta memberikan kemudahan bagi pelanggan untuk melacak posisi barang yang dikirim. Moda Transportasi Jasa Ekspedisi Antar Pulau Jasa ekspedisi antar pulau menyediakan berbagai jenis moda transportasi untuk mengirim barang antar pulau di Indonesia. Beberapa jenis moda transportasi yang sering digunakan dalam jasa ekspedisi antar pulau adalah: 1. Transportasi Laut Transportasi Laut: Moda transportasi ini digunakan untuk mengirim barang dari satu pulau ke pulau lain dengan menggunakan kapal. Ini merupakan moda transportasi yang paling efisien dan murah untuk mengirim barang dalam jumlah besar atau barang berukuran besar. 2. Transportasi Udara Transportasi Udara: Moda transportasi ini digunakan untuk mengirim barang dari satu pulau ke pulau lain dengan menggunakan pesawat. Ini merupakan moda transportasi yang paling cepat untuk mengirim barang dari satu pulau ke pulau lain. Namun, biaya yang dikenakan cenderung lebih mahal dibandingkan dengan moda transportasi laut. 3. Transportasi Darat Transportasi Darat: Moda transportasi ini digunakan untuk mengirim barang dari satu pulau ke pulau lain dengan menggunakan kendaraan seperti truk atau mobil. Ini merupakan moda transportasi yang paling cocok untuk mengirim barang dalam jumlah kecil atau barang berukuran kecil. Beberapa jasa ekspedisi antar pulau juga menyediakan layanan kombinasi, yaitu pengiriman barang dengan menggabungkan beberapa moda transportasi, seperti pengiriman barang dengan menggabungkan transportasi laut dan darat. Hal ini memungkinkan pelanggan untuk menentukan moda transportasi yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan dan budget yang dimiliki. Tips Memilih Jasa Ekspedisi Antar Pulau Memilih jasa ekspedisi antar pulau yang tepat dapat membantu Anda dalam mengirim barang dengan cepat, aman, dan efisien. Berikut adalah beberapa tips yang dapat Anda gunakan dalam memilih jasa ekspedisi antar pulau: 1. Reputasi perusahaan: Pastikan untuk memilih jasa ekspedisi yang memiliki reputasi yang baik dan telah berpengalaman dalam mengirim barang antar pulau. Anda dapat mengecek ulasan dari pelanggan sebelumnya atau menanyakan rekomendasi dari teman atau rekan bisnis. 2. Jenis pengiriman: Pilih jasa ekspedisi yang menyediakan jenis pengiriman yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda. Beberapa jasa ekspedisi hanya menyediakan pengiriman reguler, sementara yang lain menyediakan pengiriman ekspres atau pengiriman barang dengan kontainer. 3. Harga: Perbandingkan harga dari beberapa jasa ekspedisi sebelum membuat keputusan. Jangan hanya fokus pada harga yang paling murah, tetapi juga pertimbangkan faktor-faktor lain seperti reputasi perusahaan dan jenis pengiriman yang ditawarkan. 4. Layanan pelacakan barang: Pilih jasa ekspedisi yang menyediakan layanan pelacakan barang, sehingga Anda dapat melacak posisi barang yang dikirim dan memastikan barang yang dikirim sampai dengan selamat. 5. Asuransi: Pastikan jasa ekspedisi yang Anda pilih menyediakan jasa asuransi untuk barang yang dikirim, sehingga Anda dapat merasa aman dan terjamin. 6. Moda transportasi: Pilih jasa ekspedisi yang menyediakan moda transportasi yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda, seperti transportasi laut, udara atau darat. 7. Layanan pelanggan: Pilih jasa ekspedisi yang memiliki layanan pelanggan yang baik dan dapat dihubungi dengan mudah. Dengan mempertimbangkan faktor-faktor di atas, Anda dapat memilih jasa ekspedisi antar pulau yang tepat dan dapat diandalkan untuk mengirim barang Anda dengan aman dan efisien. Untuk informasi lengkap seputar jasa ekspedisi antar pulau lainnya, silahkan baca artikel berikut ini: 1. Jasa Pengiriman Barang Terdekat 2. Ekspedisi Terdekat untuk Kirim Barang via Darat, Laut, dan Udara 3. Ekspedisi Cargo Terdekat dengan Layanan Free Pick Up 4. Ekspedisi Cargo Termurah untuk Kirim Barang ke Seluruh Indonesia 5. Cargo Terdekat untuk Kirim Barang Besar 6. Cara Menulis Alamat Paket yang Benar 7. Ekspedisi Surabaya Makassar dengan SNG Logistic 8. Jasa Pengiriman Barang Antar Pulau Terbaik 9. Kirim Mobil Antar Pulau 10. Tarif Cargo Udara Terlengkap 11. Tarif Kirim Motor ke Seluruh Indonesia 12. Tarif Pengiriman via Container 13. Pengiriman Cargo Adalah? Simak Infonya di Sini! 14. Pengiriman Cargo Terdekat dengan Layanan Jemput Cepat 15. Jasa Ekspedisi Terdekat dengan Layanan Terlengkap 16. Info Lengkap Seputar Jasa Ekspedisi 17. Jasa Pengiriman Barang di Atas 100 Kg 18. Ekspedisi Pengiriman Barang via Laut Paling Terpercaya 19. Jasa Pengiriman Terdekat 20. Perbedaan Pengiriman Cargo dan Reguler 21. Apa itu Ekspedisi? 22. Ekspedisi Jakarta Makassar 23. Cek Tarif Cargo Darat, Laut, dan Udara 24. Biaya Kirim Motor Jakarta Banjarmasin 25. EkspedisiEke Manado dari Jakarta 26. Cek Ongkir Cargo Murah ke Seluruh Indonesia 27. Cara Kirim Barang Lewat Kapal Laut 28. Jasa Kirim Barang Besar 27. Jasa Pengiriman Jakarta Palu 28. Ekspedisi ke Palu Paling Murah 29. Cargo Minimal Berapa Kg 30. Ekspedisi ke Papua via Laut 31. Ekspedisi Pengiriman Barang di Tangerang 32. Jasa Pengiriman Barang Elektronik 33. Cargo Murah Jakarta Makassar 34. Jasa Pengiriman Cargo Murah Jakarta Palu 35. Cargo Jakarta Surabaya Murah 36. Tarif Ekspedisi Jakarta Lampung 37. Ekspedisi Jakarta Batam 38. Ekspedisi Makassar 39. Ekspedisi Surabaya 40. Ekspedisi Sumatera
19 types of hackers 2023 : You should know - isoftwarestore
Hackers are individuals or groups who use their technical skills and knowledge to gain unauthorized access to computer systems, networks, and data. They can be classified as white hat, black hat, grey hat, blue hat, red hat, state-sponsored, insider, hacktivists, cybercriminals, APT, phishers, malware hackers, DDoS attackers, IoT, Cryptojacking, Cyber Espionage, Ransomware and Zero-day hackers. Each type of hacker has different motivations and methods, some use their skills for legitimate and legal purposes, others for illegal and malicious activities. It's important to note that the terminology and classification of hackers can vary depending on the source. However, here are 19 types of hackers: White Hat : Ethical hackers who use their skills for legitimate and legal purposes to identify vulnerabilities and improve security. Black Hat : Malicious hackers who use their skills for illegal and harmful activities such as stealing sensitive information, disrupting networks, and spreading malware. Grey Hat : who fall in between white and black hat hackers, using hacking techniques for both good and bad purposes. Script Kiddies: Individuals who use pre-existing scripts or programs to hack into systems, rather than developing their own tools or techniques. State-Sponsored Hackers: Hackers sponsored by a government or organization to conduct cyber attacks for political or strategic purposes. Insider Hackers: Individuals who have legitimate access to a system or network, but use their access for unauthorized purposes. Hacktivists: Hackers who use their skills for political or social activism. Cybercriminals: who use their skills for financial gain such as identity theft, credit card fraud and extortion. APT Hackers: Advanced persistent threat hackers who use sophisticated techniques and tools to gain unauthorized access to a system or network and maintain access over an extended period. Phishers: who use social engineering tactics to trick individuals into giving away sensitive information such as login credentials. Malware hackers: who use malware, such as viruses and Trojans, to gain unauthorized access to a system or network. DDoS attackers: who use distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to flood a target system with traffic to make it unavailable for legitimate users IoT Hackers: who target Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as smart home devices, and use them to launch attacks on other systems. Cryptojacking : who use malware to mine cryptocurrency on a victim's computer or device Blue Hat : who work with organizations or governments to test and identify vulnerabilities in their systems. Red Hat : Ethical hackers who use their skills to identify and report vulnerabilities in systems and networks. Cyber Espionage : who use their skills to collect sensitive information for political or strategic purposes. Ransomware hackers: who use malware to encrypt a victim's files and demand a ransom to restore access. Zero-day Hackers: who exploit vulnerabilities that have yet to be discovered or disclosed how to protect yourself from hacking activities ? Preventing hacking attempts requires a multi-layered approach that includes: 1) Keeping software and operating systems up to date with the latest security patches. 2) Implementing a firewall to block unauthorized access to your network. 3) Using anti-virus software to protect against malware and other malicious software. 4) Using a virtual private network (VPN) when connecting to public Wi-Fi. 5) Being vigilant and monitoring your network for any suspicious activity. 6) Securing your router by changing the default login credentials and disabling remote management. 7) Using intrusion detection and prevention systems to detect and prevent unauthorized access attempts. 8) Using two-factor authentication when accessing sensitive information. 9) Educating yourself and staying informed about the latest hacking techniques and how to protect against them. 10) Avoiding clicking on links or opening attachments from unknown sources. 11) Backing up important data regularly. 12) Using strong and unique passwords. 13) Restricting access to sensitive data and systems to only authorized personnel. 14) By implementing these steps, you can help to protect your device and network from hacking attempts, keep in mind that no security measure is foolproof, and it is important to be vigilant and stay informed about the latest threats to protect your devices and network. Conclusion They use a variety of hacking tools and techniques to gain access to systems and networks, such as exploiting known vulnerabilities, using malware, and social engineering. They can target individuals, organizations, and governments, and their actions can range from harmless pranks to serious crimes such as identity theft and data breaches. it is important to be vigilant and to monitor your network for any suspicious activity and educate yourself on the latest hacking techniques and how to protect against them. To protect against hacking, it is important to keep software and operating systems up to date with the latest security patches, use anti-virus software, isoftwarestore sells antivirus software at the best prices. It offers the latest and most advanced software to protect your devices from malware, viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. It offers a wide range of products with additional features like real-time protection, regular updates, and customer support. Users can compare and research different options before purchasing and can also avail discounts and offers.
Entrümpelung Spandau - Fairwerter Berlin 0177-5180000
Entrümpelung Spandau - Die Fairwerter entrümpeln für Sie auch in Spandau. Kostenlose Besichtigung mit Festpreisangebot. Jetzt anrufen unter 0177-5180000. Entrümpelung In Spandau Machen Sie bei Ihrer Entrümpelung im Raum Spandau keine Kompromisse und entscheiden Sie sich für das Team der FAIRwerter. Wir bieten Ihnen alle Leistungen aus einer Hand – und das zum verbindlichen Fixpreis! Entrümpelungen sind in Spandau und der näheren Umgebung mit einem immensen Aufwand verbunden, der in erster Linie eine ausführliche Kalkulation im Vorfeld erfordert. Dazu besprechen wir zum einen alle notwendigen Arbeiten mit Ihnen und führen bei Bedarf zusätzlich einen Ortstermin durch. Nur so können wir united states of americaeinen möglichst detaillierten Eindruck von der Wohnung und ihren Gegebenheiten vor Ort verschaffen. Keine Wohnung ist wie die andere, was auf der einen Seite von Größe und Lage, auf der anderen Seite auch an von Bewohnern/Mietern abhängt. Nicht selten sind spezielle Geräte und Fahrzeuge erforderlich, um die Entrümpelung in Spandau effizient und gründlich abzuschließen. Um unserem Anspruch an united states of americaselbst gerecht zu werden, nehmen wir Aufträge daher erst im Anschluss an die persönliche Beratung an. Entrümpelung Zehlendorf Entrümpelung: Ihre Firma Für Spandau Mit den FAIRwertern entscheiden Sie sich bei der Entrümpelung für eine erfahrene Firma im Raum Spandau. Wir wissen nicht nur, wie Wohnräume fach- und sachgerecht entrümpelt werden, sondern übernehmen darüber hinaus die Entsorgung. Auch eine grundlegende Reinigung der leeren Räume gehört zu unseren Basisleistungen. Für united states of americaspielt es bei der Entrümpelung im Raum Spandau keine Rolle, ob die Räumlichkeiten selbst genutzt oder vermietet wurden. Neben der Räumung einzelner Wohnungen nehmen wir united states of americaauch ganzen Immobilien an und bringen sie wieder in einen bewohnbaren Zustand. Nachdem unsere Arbeiten abgeschlossen sind, können die Räume fachgerecht saniert und weiter genutzt werden – das ist das Qualitätsversprechen der FAIRwerter! Entrümpelung Nach Einem Todesfall In Spandau Die Entrümpelung nach einem Todesfall in Spandau stellt in mehrerlei Hinsicht eine besondere Herausforderung für das Team der FAIRwerter da. Auch hier bieten wir Ihnen ein umfassendes Leistungspaket, das in erster Linie die Entrümpelung und eine Grundreinigung der Räume umfasst. Im Anschluss kann die Sanierung und Weitervermietung erfolgen. Mehr über u.S.A.Und unsere Leistungen erfahren Sie auf unserer Webseite. Nach einem persönlichen Termin erhalten Sie dann Ihr individuelles und verbindliches Angebot. Nehmen Sie am besten gleich Kontakt zu usaauf. Website: - https://entruempelung.berlin/entruempelung-spandau
Kuku FM MOD APK Premium Unlocked
Kuku FM Mod Apk Kuku FM is a mobile application that provides users with a wide range of audio content, including music, stories, audiobooks, podcasts, and courses. The app is available in the form of a mod apk, which means that it has been modified to include additional features and enhancements. Features One of the key features of Kuku FM is its enhanced audio system, which allows users to enjoy high-quality sound and minimal buffering. The app also offers a wide range of stories to explore, from classic literature to modern fiction. In addition, Kuku FM offers summaries of popular books, making it easy for users to get a quick overview of a book before deciding to read it in full. The app also features a large selection of audiobooks, allowing users to listen to their favorite books on the go. Another important feature of Kuku FM is its collection of podcasts, which includes interviews with various famous personalities and experts in different fields. The app also offers a variety of courses to learn, covering topics such as business, technology, and personal development. Kuku FM also has a section for learning Scriptures, where users can find various religious texts and teachings in audio format. The app also has a simple user interface, making it easy to navigate and find the content you're looking for. Genre wise learning Kuku FM app also allows users to filter the content based on genre, making it easy for users to find the specific type of content they are interested in. This feature is very useful for users who want to focus on a specific topic or area of interest. Conclusion https://www.apkdl.pw/apps/kuku-fm-mod-apk/ Overall KuKu Mod APK is a great app for anyone looking for a wide variety of audio content. With its enhanced audio system, large selection of stories, audiobooks, podcasts, and courses, and simple user interface, the app is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn, be entertained or explore new things. The app also allows users to filter content based on genre, making it easy to find specific type of content.
Winter Traffic 2.0 Review - Worth It? [ By Dawud Islam]
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