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With rainy seasons coming for us all, I though I might talk a little bit about how to keep stylish while you keep dry. Here are 5 umbrellas that will keep you looking good while you stay dry. Please understand that I base these choices purely off of style, not price or functionality. 1. The Anglo Aristocrat by Barbour - It may seem a little overdone if you had this pattern on the outside of the umbrella, but having it inside keeps you at the perfect level of modest while allowing others to know you've been fox hunting since forever. 2. The Lazy-man by Maglia Francesco - An umbrella for those times where you just want to take a seat. 3. The Classic by Filson - It makes sense. Filson is a master of wet-weather gear and located in the Northwest. You'll fit right in with this rain deterrent. 4. The Wooster by London Undercover – I always say you need at least one article of camo something, as long as it's something that doesn't have to stay on your body all day long. Introducing the ACL x London Undercover collab umbrella. 5. The Royalty by Swaine Adeney Brigg - You may not be as fancy as Prince Charles, but you can damn well use the same umbrella...well, kind of.
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These are so whimsical and clever, and also practical! Great share @styleisking!