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College Girl

.. I-I don't think I can make it now... I'm so embarrassed..."

Brick knew she was lost, knew he had to help, knew he wanted more. He handed her a tissue from the drawer and took a deep breath. How to proceed. Calmer down and send her home or keep exciting her and see what happens. She's obviously excited from wearing the dildo all morning. He watched her, saw the signs. His lecherous side was still in control, pushing his buttons, "I think you're fine. You can make class if you just relax. Unwind a little." He watched her face and she appeared to take his comments well, straightening up and clearing her throat, "Do you... do you think so?" He walked around the desk and sat on the corner near her, "Absolutely! Strong girl like you... You act shy. But I'll bet you have it all under control. You know what you want. Don't listen to stupid boys." Brick watched carefully as she shyly smiled. She meant to relax in the chair but rediscovered the dildo buried below. Her body twitched as she couldn't decide how to sit with the stimulating shaft shifting in place. Her butt wiggled in the chair until she arched. She closed her eyes as her face went soft. Brick's face had a dirty grin.

Trish jumped and was suddenly aroused. Her eyes snapped open. She thought what Brick said was right, she knew what she wanted and he seemed hansom. She blushed and pulled the hair behind her ear so she could get a clear view of him. Brick was watching and smiled, "When I played football, and I did, it was always the shy kids that could really blindside you..." Trish giggled and squeezed her legs together stimulating her arousal. Brick took a chance and putting his hands in his back pockets stood up tightening the pants around his groin. The outline of his thick dick hanging down his leg was obvious. He hoped it was obvious to Trish as well, "If there's anything I can do to help..." Her eyes wandered to his groin and became glued to the shape outlined in his pants. She felt excited and empowered. Her mouth opened. The things he had said about the shy ones, about her boyfriend. Her muscles squeezed the dildo as she rocked on her seat.

She was suddenly confident and bold. One hand slipped between her legs and cupping her pussy, squeezed the dildo in. A moan escaped her open mouth. She arched her back thinking about how big his thick dick would be. Brick turned away leaving her to fantasize and headed back towards the desk. He adjusted his pants and put on his best game face, "Due to the circumstances, I can't tell you what to do. But..." he turned around and his pants were in a tent rising to his waistline. His pole nearly poking out the top of his pants. "...if there is something I can do, you can tell me. This is a safe place." Trish couldn't take her eyes off his growing dick. Brick gloated and puffed up his chest. Trish wiggled on her chair and gasped, "I... I think... I like..." Brick sat down in the chair hiding the prize from her eyes, "We've got plenty of time. Whatever you need. I'm here for you." live cam sex

Trish sat up to look over the desk searching for the sight of that big dick. This ground the dildo deeper causing her to shake and bounce, "Oh God!" Brick smiled. He watched her patiently for a few moments as she swallowed, blushed and closed her eyes. "I... like... s-sucking... COCK!" she shook again, both hands now in her lap. Brick couldn't believe his ears. His fantasy crashed back into reality. He got up and walked over next to her in a consoling manner, "Don't be ashamed. That doesn't make you bad or dirty." Trish opened her eyes to see the wonderful sight. Brick's tent was close enough to touch, close enough to kiss. Her hands reached for his belt and started to fiddle as she spoke softly, "Ted, my boyfriend... calls me a freak because I like... s-sucking his... he calls me a-a slut..." Her voice trailed off as she pulled Brick's dick into sight. Her eyes widened with her mouth and drool pooled on her tongue in anticipation.

"That's not true!" Brick assured her as he watched her face when she saw his pole. He liked shy girls because they wanted to prove their sex appeal. While girls that knew how to use their looks to get what they wanted, rarely wanted sex. The shy girls tried the hardest. Trish looked at the snake as she ran her hand over it, "Wow... that's nice." Brick was thinking the same thing, "I'm glad you like it... I think it likes you too." It started to thicken and point towards her moist mouth. She could feel it pulsing in her hand. Leaning forward she kissed the shaft and licked up towards the head. It jumped in her hand. She moaned and squeezed the dildo between her legs then closed her eyes. Slowly she opened her mouth and pressed the head against it. It filled her mouth forcing her jaw open, she could barely fit it in and she moaned unhappily as she pulled it out to try again. She slobbered and licked the head and shaft so it would slip in easier. Her mouth relaxed and the second time the head pushed in filling her mouth again.

Brick was amazed. Not many women can put it in their mouth so easily or eagerly. She was able to get the head into her mouth and roll her tongue around it. He tried to hold still and let her control the moment, "Do you really like it?" She made 'mmm hmm' sounds as she nodded her head trying to keep it in her mouth. Trish worked it further in as she slobbered and slurped, sucking the head and rubbing the shaft with her hand. The shaft hardened as the head grew and pushed to the back of her throat. The idea of it choking her made her weak. She wanted more of it. Her hand squeezed the shaft and pulled until the head pressed against her throat. Her head pumped on the huge organ. The head knocking on the door to her throat. Brick encouraged her efforts with little thrusts until the head popped into her throat. She convulsed as the huge snake choked her. Unable to breath she pulled back allowing the monstrous head to slip from her throat. After a couple breaths she again forced the huge head back into her throat. Her eyes rolled back in her head as the sensations flushed through her. nude webcam girls

She gagged again but kept stroking it with her hand, mouth and throat. Trish pulled it out, breathing heavy and kissed the head, "It's so big..." She bounced up and down on her seat letting the dildo pump in and out. Then opening wide she sucked the huge thing back into her throat and joined the rhythm of her dildo. Pumping them both in and out as she rocketed to an orgasm. Her hand went down her pants to play with the dildo as she lifted off the seat. Brick was amazed. She was so hot, how could her boyfriend treat her so poorly. He watched her enjoy sucking on his monster dick. Brick put his hand on her head and pushed it in a little further. Trish shook and twisted her head making Brick groan. She pulled off gasping, "Do that again. Shove it down my throat!" Her mouth engulfed the head as she pulled on the shaft, forcing into her throat. Brick put both hands on her head this time and pressed firmly with his hips. The giant snake slithered slowing between her lips. Her hands grabbed at his legs making a pumping motion. Brick pulled out to let her catch a breath then pushed on, pumping hard against her tight throat.

Trish's body went limp and jerked in spasms. A throat orgasm. Brick gave her some air before continuing, getting half of his length into her throat. He started taking long deep strokes as Trish returned to stroking the shaft and doing her best to help stuff her throat. Suddenly, she jumped from her seat, the monster escaping from her sucking mouth, "I need it... now!" With that, she dropped her pants, the dildo falling to the floor. She climbed on the desk, laying on her back and spreading her legs she pulled her pussy lips apart inviting Brick's dick in. She was already wet from the morning ride. He pulled her to the edge of the desk and pressed the head between her slick lips. It slowly disappeared into her. She closed her eyes, "More..." Brick pushed in a little further but she was tight. He pulled back a little and pushed further. Trish closed her eyes and shook. At halfway in Brick paused, pulled back a little and pressed on. Trish was jerking and whining as it worked it's way deeper into her waiting canal. When it wouldn't go any further Brick paused. He was amazed that she took so much so quickly.

She rubbed her belly and squeezed his cock with her muscles. The head seem to bulge her tummy every time he pumped it in. Looking down she pouted, "Push it all the way in." Brick shook his head. He didn't want to hurt her and he knew how much most women can take on the first try. Trish was breathing hard and whining. She lay her head back, "So deep... fuck me with it." Brick pulled back and the monster slipped from her depths. He pushed back in and watched as it slid through her pussy lips. She squeezed again, "That's it." He pumped a couple more times and watched her as she wrapped her legs around his ass. "Yeah... so good... faster..." she moaned a little weaker, quieter. He picked up speed and started bottoming out on something with each stroke until suddenly Trish tightened the grip with her legs and Brick felt his cock pop into her womb. Trish shook and held Brick there. After a moment she wiggled and weakly said, "That's it... right there. Don't stop." Brick began pumping again. The head popping in and out of her sacred palace. The obstacle penetrated, his monster inched further in to Brick's amazement. Her tummy obviously extended now. The huge dick filled her slim body forming a lump as it worked it's way even deeper.

Trish's hands rubbed the lump in her belly and she looked down to see how much of that beast was still not in. His shaft disappeared inch by inch, stroke by stroke until he reached her crease. As soon as her pussy pressed against his pubic bone, she began coming and squirted her juices around his meat. "YES! Yes! YES!" Trish's pussy was gripping his meat like a hand stroking his shaft. She was convulsing against him and dripping as she went through wave after wave of orgasms. Brick was grunting and trying not to cum as he watched her amazingly erotic display. Her young body impaled on his monster cock, wanting more and riding it for all it was worth. He grabbed her waist and held her there, his dick still buried to the hilt. After a few minutes of convulsing she began winding down and Brick attempted to extricate his huge cock. It took another minute before her grip relaxed and his cock softened enough that it was able to pull out. Brick was holding back a huge orgasm. His cock pulsed with his heartbeat. The head finally popped out of from between her legs and stuck straight out. web cam girls

Trish's body was limp except for an occasional jerk. Her mind still far away. She caught her breath. Her mind returning and realizing she was half naked, rolled off the desk and slipped her pants back on. Brick's cock was throbbing and oozing juices as he watched her quickly and shyly dress. She saw the juices hanging from the tip and gave it a quick lick. Then the dildo fell from her pants and bounced on the floor. Brick handed her the dildo, "What are you going to do with this?" Looking at it and then Brick's cock, she slid it into her pants pocket, "MY... my boyfriend's a jerk." Brick smiled, "Maybe you should tell him to ride it for a day!?" Trish blushed and nodded. She wobbled to the door, "Thanks... for your help... maybe later... if you don't..." He fished in his shirt pocket for his personal card and handed it to her, "I'm here to help you. Whenever you need me." She took the card and kissed it, placed it in her pocket with the dildo then waddled out the door. Brick watched her leave replaying what had just happened, thought how crazy it was. His stiff prick was starting to droop, his knees suddenly weak. Brick collapsed on the floor next to the wet spot on the carpet, "College Girl!"