Are you planning a long getaway from home? Make sure you have digital tools!

I'd like to be able to share a tale that happened to me last vacation that I went on a cruise ship through the Arctic. It was an amazing, National Geographic journey thru the ice and back with polar bears, and many more creatures. There was going to be ice where eyes can see, snow and ice all around. Man-made machines were going to take on the elements, and cut through the northern desert that was frozen. It was breathtaking, as if an epic fight against the weather, north and the pole.

I was instructed to carry all technology that could be carried inside my bag. I did carry my laptop along and also added a large display to expand the space. The staff assured me that power wasn't a problem. youtube converter into mp4 I wasn't sure what was to come for me. I was unaware that I'd lose my internet connection two days into my 14 day journey and disappear from Earth for the next ten days. It was a shock to me when it happened. Any travel, however long or challenging will result in a loss of connection from technology. Not only do I have unfinished business as well, I was not prepared for it.

Nowadays, no one really cares about being forced to go offline. Internet is accessible all over the world. If your home internet connection fails it is possible to go to a McDonald's near you and get the free WiFi connection you require. You can also bring your laptop and lounge at Starbucks all day long. There is there is no cafe, restaurant or cafe can help you out up north. They're hours from the nearest shack with electricity generated by the weak generator. There's no free Internet. youtube converter In these situations, there are two escape routes: prepare to be offline from home or get satellite connection.

I can't afford to purchase an satphone because it's expensive, particularly for Internet. However, I'll prepare an avid video and audio collection prior to venturing into the dark without Internet. Last time , I had 2 songs, but they were both snarkily downloaded in the past and all I was able to listen to was three jazzy songs, and a song that I didn't know the title. That's it. 4 songs in 2 weeks of nothingness. I would have prepared for this had I known. I would have stuffed my laptop with television shows movies, music videos, and also audio files loaded with music and podcasts. My most loved podcasts were ones that I would listen to for hours. It's simple to download them, then convert to MP3 and save to my personal computer. I then can lay in my bed listening to the podcasts that I like, but don't always have the time to sit down and listen. This would have been my golden hour, or two weeks of gold. But it turned out to be two weeks of looking at the ceiling, and then running to meet passengers every when a sound is heard in the corridors..

It was empty literally and also literally. I've never been so bored. I was sure that the issue will eventually be due to the thick ice, so the boat was forced to turn around and then be redirected back to civilization. It wasn't a surprise however, the endless hours of idle time could have been used to listening to podcasts, watching DIY videos on fixing things at home and listening to music. Next time I will convert Youtube videos into mp4 and MP3 formats using my laptop. Music never makes you feel depressed. Hulu and Netflix apps are able to download movies and shows offline. You can also take them with you on your long arctic trek. It is not a good idea to spend your time in boredom. Good luck!