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Jaejoong oppa, Yoochun oppa, Junsu oppa, please just remember that I will always love, support, and believe in oppas. No matter the outcome my heart will forever be unchanging. Although I feel regretful for being a fan so late but being able to cry when oppas cry and laugh when oppas laugh is the most memorable experience I had ever had. Oppas are my inspiration to thrive forward and work harder. Oppas music gave me hope and it was oppas that brought me and my sister closer. Oppas thank you for always working hard to meet our expectations and I am very PROUD to be oppas fan (I am an icassies)...and always know that oppas are never alone, I will always be there. 。◕ ‿ ◕。 JYJ Hwaiting!!!! ❤❤❤SARANGHAEYO JYJ!!!!OPPAS HAPPINESS IS ALL I NEED TO BE HAPPY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE ~(❤‿❤)~
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love the pic its soo cute
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@saharhyunjoong … did you see this … ~(❤‿❤)~
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@divalycious i did yesterday lol khumsahamida unnie love u shooo muchhh and my jyj oppas 2 ♥♥:-*
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