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"Joseon Gunman": A Sly Lee Jun Ki Lights Up His Date With Nam Sang Mi With A Kiss
Before the show goes to heck by the end of episode 3 (I’m assuming), followers of Joseon Gunman will have a momentary high from the surprise kiss that Yoon Kang springs on Soo In. ;) This better be on the next episode! Kim Ho Kyung will be appearing this week, but the hero gives himself an edge over his romantic rival when he and Soo In spend an evening together to light up their own fireworks. It’s a dreamy moment, and with his emotions welling up like the rising flame, Yoon Kang kisses Soo In on the cheek. Startled, she gently puts a hand where his lips touched her skin as she returns his gaze. The scene is being described as the beginning of their love. The fireworks date was filmed last month in Taean, South Chungcheong Province, and it was made even more beautiful by the star-scattered night sky.
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