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1st Look and Max Movie recently tagged along with Daniel Henney to Macau, where he explored the area for the TV show Location (and hence, his 1st Look feature titled, “Henney, On Location”). The program will be airing on channel CGV. When he’s not traveling, he’s appearing on American TV shows, such as MBC’s Revolution and NCIS: Los Angeles (DVRed that one!), and he talks at length about such opportunities in his 1st Look interview. A few months ago, he was also cast in the ABC drama Agatha, in which he plays Rey, the fiancé of an ex-convict-turned-criminologist (played by Bojana Novakovic) who helps a small town police department solve a case involving a disappearance. I believe filming of the pilot has been completed, but it has yet to air. Anyhoo, check out his spreads!
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On the 1st pic he looks like cho seung woo!0_0