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Learning to count in any language is always important. Whether it is telling the shopkeeper how many dumplings you want or telling the waiter how many dishes you want for dinner, knowing your numbers is vital. The word for number is 数字 and is pronounced shùzì but it only means the term 'number'; obviously, you still need to learn the numbers themselves. 0 líng 零 1 yī 一 2 èr 二 3 sān 三 4 sì 四 5 wǔ 五 6 liù 六 7 qī 七 8 bā 八 9 jiǔ 九 10 shí 十 100 bǎi 百 1,000 qiān 千 10,000 wàn 万 Interestingly, in Chinese, eleven is "ten one", twelve is "ten two" and so on. Twenty is "two ten", twenty-one is "two ten one" and so on up to 99. For example: 11 shí yī 十一 21 èr shí yī 二十一
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Numbers - I was wondering how long it would be before we had a numbers post. It always makes me laugh how many people skip learning numbers because they think it's too basic / easy then they end up ordering ten of something instead of 4 of something because they never learnt their numbers properly!