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HSK 5 Vocabulary 1
There seems to be a lot of beginner level content here on Vingle so I figured I'd start producing some cards aimed at more experienced users. I figure I'll start from the character requirements for HSK 5 and go from there. 1. 安慰 ānwèi to comfort, to console 我安慰了他几句。 I said a few words of comfort to him. 2. 参观 cānguān to look around, to visit 我喜欢参观名胜古迹。 I like to go on sightseeing trips to scenic spots and historical monuments. 3. 地道 dìdao genuine, typical 她的上海话说的真地道。She speaks pure Shanghai dialect. 4. 互相 hùxiāng mutually, each other 工作要互相支持,不要互相拆台。 We should help and not hinder each other in our work. 5. 社会shèhuì society, community 政府想创造适宜的经济和社会环境。 The government aspires to create a favourable economic and social environment.
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these look really useful - I took the level 5 a while back but vocab flashcards are a really smart idea.
I've started preparing for the Level 5/6 HSK exam...honestly hadn't realised how much Chinese vocabulary I'd forgotten. Seems like this is going to be much harder than I'd expected..!