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Programmer's Guide to Data Mining - Free Online Book
"To me, the best programmers are empty cups, who constantly explore new technology (noSQL, node-js, whatever) with open minds." - Ron Zacharski With companies such as Amazon, Netflix, and Pandora, data is being organized and analyzed more and more each day. As a programmer, it is important to understand the basics of data mining in order to be up to date with machine learning in the 21st century. I found this helpful e-book by Ron Zacharski that has many exercises in Python as well as data sets. I've been reading through it and it's a great and quick guide to data mining that is very applicable. Here are the pdfs: A Programmer's Guide to Data Mining: The Ancient Art of Numerati by Ron Zacharski Website: http://guidetodatamining.com/ CHAPTERS 1. Intro http://guidetodatamining.com/guide/ch1/DataMining-ch1.pdf 2. Get Started With Recommended Systems http://guidetodatamining.com/guide/ch2/DataMining-ch2.pdf Code & Data: http://guidetodatamining.com/chapter-2/ 3. Implicit Ratings and Item-based Filtering http://guidetodatamining.com/guide/ch3/DataMining-ch3.pdf Code & Data: http://guidetodatamining.com/chapter-3/ 4. Classification http://guidetodatamining.com/guide/ch4/DataMining-ch4.pdf Code & Data: http://guidetodatamining.com/chapter-4/ 5. Further Explorations in Classification http://guidetodatamining.com/guide/ch5/DataMining-ch5.pdf Code & Data: http://guidetodatamining.com/chapter-5/ 6. Naïve Bayes http://guidetodatamining.com/guide/ch6/DataMining-ch6.pdf Code & Data: http://guidetodatamining.com/chapter-6/ 7. Naïve Bayes and unstructured text http://guidetodatamining.com/guide/ch7/DataMining-ch7.pdf Code & Data: http://guidetodatamining.com/chapter-7/ 8. Clustering http://guidetodatamining.com/guide/ch8/Datamining-ch8-beta.pdf ( 1st half of chapter, still in "Beta") Code & Data: http://guidetodatamining.com/chapter-8/
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