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Ta-dah! Today I present my first international offering. I'm not entirely sure how I ever discovered Puerto Rican reggae ton duo better known as Wisin and Yandel, I can only assume it was through one of my procrastination sessions on Youtube. Regardless of how I found them, I really like their music - especially the tracks of their 2012 album Los Líderes. They're on a break at the moment but apparently they're coming back next year - I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I love the flow of Spanish songs and having learnt Spanish back in school, it's always nice to see how much I can understand!
@TechAtHeart I LOVE them! Haha
wisin & yandel!!! I had no idea you were into reggaeton!
@funkystar25 soo cool :) you're officially latina then hahaha "Adrenalina" is super big right now bc of the World Cup. They played it every commercial break. JLO & Ricky Martin are in it too. have you heard that one?