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Meghalaya backpacking – a concise travel guide.

Becoming one of the most desired destinations to go backpacking in recent years, Meghalaya is an alluring place to visit. What for its dense forest trails and treks and natural scenery where many adventure sports are organized, it has quickly become the first choice for all the thrill-seekers out there.
Meghalaya has without a doubt becoming one of the favorite places of tourists due to its greenery and scenic views of nature which yet remains unspoiled. This here is our pitch to encourage you to visit here while backpacking and ask you to keep Meghalaya soul alive by conserving its resources.

Meghalaya tour packages or Shillong tour packages from capture a trip are very customizable and made for your comfort, backpackers will love these Meghalaya backpacking trips we organize because of the thrilling activities we include.
The literal meaning of the name Meghalaya is 'Megha- clouds' and 'Laya- home', the word has been taken from the Sanskrit language and loosely translated as 'adobe of clouds'.

7 days worth of fun in Meghalaya:

The state is full of hidden sites to visit that are totally offbeat and adventurous for you backpackers. Including the fascinating waterfalls, thick green forests, and daunting cliffs.
Elephant Falls, Shillong
Most easily accessible out of all the waterfalls in Meghalaya Tourism Place, you can reach here without breaking any sweat, there are railed walkways present here to get you closest to the waterfalls safely. These walkways get you to a position where you can feel the spray of water, it is an incredible experience with immense beauty and thrill.
Along with this waterfall, there are many spots all around the town of Shillong which is also the capital city of the state. The city offers many chic cafes with outstanding food and environment, aside from this many market places are offering great shopping experiences. You can spend 1-2 days here easily.
Our Shillong packages are available for your convenience which include most these attractions for you.

Noh Ka Likai Falls, Sohra
Considered as an icon of the Khasi hills, because of the splendid views of these falls and the thunderous trickling water and also because of the stories related to it. But the real joy is to see the water from up close, and for all the adrenaline junkies the trek and hike for this waterfall are absolutely lovely and as a backpacker, you must follow this trail up to the falls. You can also opt for a local guide to get the scoops of the place. You can easily spend from 8 hours to 1 day here.
Lyngksiar Falls, Sohra
This is another attraction of Sohra, these falls are multitiered and are named after a fragrant flower that grows in the area. This is one of the favorite places for photographers to capture excellent pictures. To reach here we must drive through the open countryside, during which time you can enjoy the panoramic views and natural pools. To encounter this fall's beauty at its peak you must visit the place post monsoons that is in the months of September to November.
Rynji Falls
And last but not least this fall is about 80km away from Shillong, these falls are situated in the middle of Jaintia hills. Rock formations around the river make a beautiful cascade of water which is what people from all around the country come here to see. There are pools beneath the falls where many people try activities like fishing, the Moopun falls are right nearby here around 3km away.
This concludes our selection waterfalls which will be included in the Meghalaya trip or the Shillong trip organized by capture a trip team.
Besides these magnificent waterfalls, Meghalaya tour packages also include other attractions for backpackers such as yourselves, listed down below

Nongriat village
Right around 80km away from the city of Shillong this little neck of the woods is present to take to another dimension where mesmerizing sceneries are a given, people of this village are very friendly and believe in respecting and serving their guests. When you visit here you can use our Shillong tour packages.

Dawki Shnongpdeng
Located in Jaintia hills, Dawki is a district that encompasses Shnongpdeng village, this is an extremely beautiful place to visit. This village is special because of the Umgot river, the water is crystal clear and stunning to look at. We guarantee a life-changing experience for you. And for all the adrenaline junkies out there activities like boating, zip-lining, cliff jumping and scuba diving are all available. Camping near the river site is very possible, homestays are also available for families. You easily spend 2 days exploring this place

Meghalaya tour packages are very popular nowadays because of these sites.

Cherrapunjee (Sohra)
There’s a popular hostel for backpackers in lower Sohra and another dormitory option too for budget travelers.
Attractions of Cherrapunji- The great Nohkalikai Waterfalls reside right here in Cherrapunji, it is the world's fourth-highest waterfall. The Seven Sister Falls, Wei Sawdong Falls, and Dainthlein Falls are all must-visit sites. Other than these you should also visit the Mawsmai and Arwah caves.

Here’s some extra information needed for an awesome experience in Meghalaya:
English is widely spoken by Khasi people across Meghalaya but in remote towns it is possible for someone to not know both Hindi and English. Do not fret, sign language works best when there is a language barrier.
Meghalaya and most States in the north east practice a matrilineal system, where women take the family name and are dominant in the household affairs. Most shops are managed by women. Observe this welcome change while you are in Meghalaya.
Meghalaya takes its holidays seriously and Sunday mass is widely attended by everyone. There is singing in the church and all men and women are smartly dressed while all shops and local taxis are on holiday.
Kwai is local betelnut that everyone seems to enjoy all the time everywhere in Meghalaya (and the entire northeast). You can try it too, remember to ask the locals to give you kwai with as little of the white accompaniment as possible.