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Saying "this / that / it" in Korean
Today we look at how to say 'this', 'that' and 'it' in Korean. 이 [ i]= this (near you) 그 [keu ] = the / that (near the other person) 저 [ jeo ] = that (over there) In English, 'this' and 'that' can be used independently or as modifiers but in Korean, they only work as modifiers. When you want to use them as pronouns, they must be combined with 것 (geot) or 거 (geo). For example: 이 + 것 = 이것 [i-geot] or 이거 [i-geo] = this thing, this item *Picture Credit - TTMIK (Talk to me in Korean)
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그 ... isn't that keu?
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@aeternitii yes..!! Too tired to type it seems >.< I've corrected it - thanks for pointing it out
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