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BlackBerry released a first look at their new Passport phone that features a square screen that they claim will offer a "better viewing experience because of the screen's width". It's an interesting design, and although I can see their reasoning, I am not sure if I would want this phone. They say their intended audiences would be architects, mortgage brokers, people in healthcare, writers,etc. They designed a phone for a specific audience, which is a bold move because it means that sales will not be as high as a phone with a universal design that appeals to a broader audience. The pros of a rectangular design would be for watching movies that are now predominately wide screen, online videos, and games.
What happened to phones trying to get smaller?! Pretty soon we're all just going to carry around tablets haha
I would never buy that...
There is something so, incredibly unattractive about that design..
@JerryKan Yea, this phone would be good for people who love bigger phones!