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Becky G - Shower
Here's a bouncy summer love song that has been playing on loop on the radio for the past week. The lyrics aren't exactly complex and she is alone throughout the entire video even though its a love song, but the song is undeniably catchy. People having been calling this the next "Call Me Maybe" but I feel like it might have a little bit (a teeny tiny bit) more substance. What do you think?
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Ahhhh I thought I had escaped Call Me Maybe! Noo!
3 years ago·Reply
Workout playlist potential :)
3 years ago·Reply
I am strangely a fan?you said call me maybe and I expected to hate it!
3 years ago·Reply
It's already on the top charts on Spotify. There's no use fighting it hahaha
3 years ago·Reply
@flymetothemoon just because it's there doesnt mean I want to hear it!!
3 years ago·Reply