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The riders of Le Tour de France were shown an epic 3 stages in England with massive cheering crowds. Millions in count have turned out in the last few days on the event, which started in Yorkshire, England. The riders this year's Tour expected the usual dangers they face: potential crashes, road bottlenecks, extreme heat, uneven pavement, and sometimes an unruly fan. However, the riders can add one more thing to that list, oblivious spectators. Spectators are attempting to take selfies of themselves while the peloton passes. This sounds like a great idea, but nothing good happens when you are looking away from 150+ riders heading straight for you at speeds nearing 25-30mph. Not only are these spectators at serious risk of injury, but their inconsiderate actions could potentially take a cyclists out of the race. Even though they are joyous about the turn out, many cyclists of the Tour are angered by the lack of respect by spectators. Some have gone as far to say that "if you are on the road, you are in my office." Recently, the cyclists have begun to hit cell phones out of the hands of distracted spectators. Some feel this may be harsh, I think it's just a warning! Read more:
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@sophiamor Seriously, it could. It's always been part of the Tour that there were no barriers around the route, only barriers in the beginning and end. Everyone has always loved being close to the riders without having a barrier separate them. That being said, taking selfies like this shows no respect to the riders
This could end a bikers career, so stupid
@caricakes But seriously, this must be so annoying for the professionals
As if selfies didnt annoy me enough already!
The guy on the bike in the second gif had every right to shove that guy!
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