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Chromecast ables you to leave your smartphone’s small screen and watch your favorite media on a big HDTV screen! But sometime you want to watch videos from your PC, which are not provided by online service. If so, you can use Zimly to enjoy your media stored in your PC on the big screen TV with simple steps. Give your Chomecast wings through Zimly~ First, install Zimly in your PC, and then add your media folders! Now it’s time for your smartphone! Again, install Zimly on your smartphone, connect it to your PC with a PIN number, and then connect to Chromecast! Bang! You’re done! Now you can watch your favorite videos from your PC on TV lying on sofa. And you can use your smartphone as remote control.;P Zimly also supports subtitles, which makes it more awesome! The app is free for PC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices, so if you got a Chromecast, please try Zimly~ We welcome ‘Like’ and ‘Harsh Criticisms’~ Please give Zimly a try~ * Homepage: * Window PC App: (Mac version is on the way! Coming Soon!) * Android App: * iPhone App: